So here we are, not only with a shiny new mobile friendly responsive website, but also with a new Hat pattern!

Gorton is named for the area in Manchester where I stayed last spring. You may remember that the lovely Kate, editor of Knit Now, modelled for my Painted Woolly Toppers collection, and very kindly hosted me for the weekend. Whilst there she gifted me this skein of yarn - Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport - so that I've have some knitting to keep my fingers busy over the weekend and during my journey back. The yarn knew exactly what it wanted to be, and I knew that the Hat would have to be named for that weekend.

Gorton comes in 4 sizes, and is perfect for variegated yarn. It features proportional columns of slipped stitches, and the crown shaping is worked around these to ensure continuity all the way through. The Shepherd Sport is lovely to knit with, and I'd really recommend it - this was my first time using it and I'll certainly be using it again in the future!

It's going to take me a little while to get used to the new blog layout, but does the image gallery work like this? Is it easier to view, does it load OK, or do you prefer the images laid out by themselves in a longer post? All the questions! ;) I like the gallery feature - it's still pretty novel.

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