Craftsy have been offering kits for a few of my patterns for sometime, and late last year they asked if I'd be interesting in designing for some of the new hand-painted/variegated yarns they'd be offering via Cloudborn Fibers, and the first design is about to come off the needles.

This is the Highland Superwash Sock Twist in colourway 'Berry Basket'. I've also got some in Aurora Borealis colourway, which I'm just about to cast on. The 2nd design I'm doing for the yarn will be a vertical knit, as the colours have short repeats and wanted to play with those in a different way.

The yarn has that high twist boing that really adds to the stitch definition and structure, not dissimilar to Koigu, and I do like it. The colourways are vibrant and lend themselves perfectly to a bit of sideways knitting. The yarn seems to hold up well under frogging/reknitting conditions, which is always a huge benefit, and I think it will be a pretty durable yarn that deserves to be something more than just socks.

For this colour I wanted something simple in structure/construction that would allow the colours to play out and tell their own story, and they do just that. It's a pretty straightforward and effective sideways knit, and I'm going to write in a finishing section that gives the alternative option of a 3-needle bind-off, should folks still be a little unsure about taking the leap towards grafting. This will be the perfect pattern to try all these techniques on, though!

The pattern won't be available just yet, as it needs to be fully written then go off for testing/editing, but I hope it won't be too far away. I'm going to try and organise a photoshoot within the next couple of weeks, and I'm looking forward to seeing how these colours pop on camera within the Hat structure.

It's nice to have something fresh on the needles, post website build. I've lots of knitting and writing to do over the next few weeks, so many brilliant ideas I want to work through, and so many wonderful yarns to explore and share!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead