Painted Woolly Toppers

10 Hats designed for hand-dyed, painted and variegated yarns

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Painted Woolly Toppers is a Hat pattern book for lovers of colour, structure and technique! Each Hat has been carefully designed to make the most of the vibrant and varied colourways of variegated yarns.

Relevant techniques are included, and where appropriate, patterns are provided in charted as well as written format. Schematics are also provided for unusual construction techniques. And like all other Woolly Wormhead Hat patterns, each design includes a range of sizes.

Click on each image in the gallery for full details, more photographs, or the option to purchase a single pattern by itself.


Publication date: May 2015
Technical editor: Heather Murray
Copy editor: Liz Marley

PDF: 47 pages, full colour, 150DPI, 6.6MB, product no.: WW261BPaintedWoollyToppers