support woolly


I receive so much support from my woolly community, and I appreciate every purchase of an ePattern or eBook!

Many knitters have suggested that they would like to support me in other ways, and here are a few ways to do that. Thank you - every cent of support is very much appreciated, and it helps me and my small family a great deal.


Patreon is great for creatives and supporters alike! Patreon’s format of small, monthly pledges has a powerful advantage for creators. Without asking too much of you as a supporter, it delivers a steady income that can be used to boost my output in various concrete ways. 


Ko-fi is a way to support your favourite makers or writers with one-off payments, usually €3 a time. It’s great if you can’t commit to a monthly payment schedule such as a Patreon, or if you want to just say thanks for a tutorial or free pattern.


Donations can be made through PayPal, where you control how much you give, whether it’s a one-off payment or whether you wish to make a recurring payment.


Through my Ravelry store, and using their clever system, you are able to buy your friends and family any of my patterns. The download link gets sent straight to them and if they’re Ravelry members, the items can get added straight to their account.