We managed another photo shoot just over a week ago, and here are a few of the shots from that day. It was a ridiculously sunny day (hey, it's spring in Italy and that's what happens!) and did wonder whether we'd get any good photos, and I think we did ok.

My mum has a couple of my original samples so she bought them with her, so we kinda had to get some of them shot before she left.

Slightly Loopy




Marble Muffin

Mushroom Cap


This last one is an old crochet design that I took down eons ago with the intention of updating the pattern and republishing it. I figured that getting it modelled and photographed would be a big enough nudge to get it all sorted.

I've been busy beavering away at the pattern pages, and have the skeleton in place now. Most of the paid-for patterns are comfortable in their new homes, and gradually I'll start working on the free pattern pages next, so that they are in keeping with everything else.

I'm dead chuffed with Silvia as a model - and I really wish there wasn't a language barrier as I'm pretty sure she's somebody I'd get along with! We manage to talk about composition and lighting and colour in the photos, she's got an eye for this sort of thing, and has her own ideas. In exchange for future shoots she's asked that I teach her how to knit, which suits me completely ;) I do have some English to Italian resources for knitting, so with any luck that will help us both as well as get Silvia started with the needles.

I keep coming to write a blog post, but then don't, because I don't know what to write. I'm not sure if I've fallen out with my blog or whether it's just because I don't know how to say what I want to say. Hrmph. After doing so well with blogging earlier in the year it's strange not knowing how to say stuff. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find my voice again soon.

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