I'm very, very tired here in our little part of the universe, but I have come to post pretty pictures as previously promised!

For the photos project I started to reknit some of my old patterns, and I chose ones that I thought would suit someone who lives here on the Yard. The model is Silvia, and her English is only marginally better than my Italian which made for an interesting photo shoot but as you can see I think we managed pretty well! She was a total pro and very relaxed, and she wears Hats very, very well.

Trellis Beret


Urchin Cap




Ribba version A


Ribba version B


Funky Flapper


Sloppy Joe


We used the Yard as location, so we didn't go anywhere - everything you see in the photos is right here. In about an hour we took over 600 photos! There is a gallery here where you can see the best 4 or 5 shots from each Hat. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but I do feel as if my photography has been coming on in leaps and bounds of late - I'm chuffed with these photos!

Has everyone had a good Mothers Day? It's a bit novel, being on the receiving end, but Tom did look after Aran most of the day so I could go up to the house to get online and do some work - w00t! ;) That does mean though that all these updated patterns have been uploaded, which is ace. A couple of them have new charts, too, so over the next week I'll be emailing out the new files to everyone who has bought the pattern to date.

Funny, the other week I was rummaging though this blogs' archives and found some old posts where I talked about getting new photos done for the Hats on people, and then said I'd never do it because it would be too much work! Here we are, some time on, and I think the photos project is the best decision I've made in ages. Not only has it  caused me to go over old patterns again, it's also brought in new faces and new knitters, all of whom have wholeheartedly got involved and have been of such great help. It's amazing to see these designs with fresh eyes and to give them all a new lease of life.

Next big thing on the list is to update all the pattern pages of this website with all the new photos. And I'm talking to someone about designing a new layout/style sheet for my single patterns. There's nothing like keeping yourself busy! Tom calls it a distraction tactic (stalling on the Kitchener book) and I call it getting my stuff up to scratch ;)

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