Something I've often thought about sharing is my design process, or how I go about a Hat from start to scratch, what drives me, where my inspiration comes from etc. What's stopped me is that I've always thought folk wouldn't be that interested, until it came up in the Ravelry group a few weeks back.

I'm still stuck though about where to start (blog voice missing somewhere) and could really do with a few pointers, or questions to work from. I know that one of the people who showed an interest before had the sideways Hats in mind so that's a start, but really could do with some straight questions to get me going!

It'd be dead cool if you could leave a comment with a question related to my design process, any sort of question will do to get me going (and I do hope somebody asks something else I'll feel a bit of an idiot!)

What would you like to know? Imagine you were interviewing me (ha!) - what would you ask?

(and I'll go and slink back into my corner and hope that somebody asks *something*......)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead