Fibre East is not that far away now, and it's on my must-visit list every year. Usually I like to go as a punter (but normally end up chatting and making connections!) yet this year it's going to be a little bit different... Babylonglegs and I have hatched something special!


This Hat  - currently with no name - will be available from Fibre East as a part of exclusive kits with Babylonglegs yarn. There will be a limited edition 20 kits for gradients (shown above) as well as a full range of semi-solids and some rather special sprinkles (have a peek at Babylongleg's Instagram feed to see her take on sprinkles).


The pattern comes in a full range of 5 sizes; is knit in the round, bottom up and makes clever use of short rows and picking up stitches to create it's unique shape. Fear not, the knitting itself is pretty straight forward and the technique used to create the stripes also helps to hide the short rows themselves and neaten up your work. There'll be specialist illustrated tutorials to help guide you through it, I promise.


You'll be able to find me on the Babylonglegs stand at Fibre East on both saturday and sunday, at 11.30am - 12 and 2.30pm to 3pm, both days. I'll be there for Hat advice, tips to help with knitting and construction, etc. We'll also have some WW postcards with single use coupon codes in case there's another WW Hat you'd like to purchase with your Babylonglegs yarn! The pattern for this Hat will be printed and signed, so you'll be able to take a full kit home with you and get started straight away.

If you're not able to attend Fibre East, the pattern will go on general release roughly a week after the show, and will be available here, on Ravelry and through my usual outlets. It will have a special price of £3.50 at the show (usually $6/£3.75) and the kit will cost £23 with £1 of every kit sale going to the Fibre East charity.

The new design in two different dye finishes... Elisa and Silvia were melting in the heat!

The new design in two different dye finishes... Elisa and Silvia were melting in the heat!


And now for the competition - this Hat needs a name!

Leave a comment here between now and midnight GMT friday 7th July with your naming suggestions for the Hat. There'll also be a post on Babylongleg's blog and you can comment there too, then we'll get our heads together and make a decision and select a winner next weekend.

And the prize? The prize will be a little bit special...

During the two weeks running up to Fibre East I'll be staying with Babylonglegs and we've planned a day in her dye studio, and between us we'll dye up some special skeins as limited editions for the show, and one special skein for the prize winner! You'll also receive a digital copy of the pattern, and should you wish we can send a printed signed copy of the pattern, too (please do let us know if you require a hard copy so we can save you one). Please do note though that we won't be able to send the prize skein until the 3rd week in July at the earliest, as we do need to dye it for you first!

So there you have it!

Please leave your Hat name suggestions either here on this post, or on Babylongleg's post - I'm afraid we can't accept suggestions via Twitter, IG, Fb etc as it's tricky to track your suggestions in so many places, especially as I'll be on the move. And don't forget to leave your email address in the relevant field (it'll remain private, I promise) and we'll need your Ravelry name also, if you have one.

Good luck!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead