Amongst all the new Hat designs we've been photographing, there's been the occasional older design, too. I do like to try and reshoot old designs when I can - different model, different light, different hair or face shape, fresher skills.

 And most recently it's been the turn of Ridgeway.

I've reshot this one a few times but I've never managed to get enough good shots of both Hats. Guess a two-in-one pattern does double the odds of not getting good photos?

Anyways, we've finally cracked it and here's a collage of the (many!) shiny new photos.


To celebrate, there's a 33% discount on the pattern on Ravelry (in $$) and here on my website (in ££). There's no coupon code needed, the discount will apply automatically. 

 The promotion ends midnight GMT on Friday. Enjoy!

AuthorWoolly Wormhead