I've been thinking about knitted pleats a lot lately. As I've been preparing my older patterns for the new layout (less than a fifth of them to go, nearly done!) I've had illustrations created for those techniques that I don't already have illustrated - and the one I'm working on this week is knitted pleats, for my Pleated Beret pattern.

The Pleated Beret was published 8 years ago, and it never fails to amaze me when I look back at what I was doing back then - using pleats to create a crown shaping is something I'd still enjoy playing with now.

To aid the illustrations I've put together a photo tutorial PDF. The illustrations will only be available in the paid pattern (previous customers will get the update when it's done) or in future designs that use the technique (ideas are starting to form around pleats for Turning Heads) - the PDF photo tutorial will remain free and available for download from here :)




Like the recent free patterns, I'll park this here until the new website is finished - there's no need to be adding to or creating new pages here only to do it all again over there.

And while I'm on the subject of the free patterns and tutorials - for the new site I'm thinking of grouping them together on fewer pages... it'll be much easier for me to manage. The free patterns don't need to have their own page each - the thumbnail photo with yarn weight/gauge & pattern sizes with a download link should be sufficient. And the tutorials can be grouped similarly - I'd be interested to hear thoughts on this. It may well make the pages longer, but it's one click less to find them, and it's many less pages for me to build and maintain.

That's not going to be ready next week, though ;)

Hope you find the tutorial useful.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead