Our boy turns 7 today - seven! And he's growing up fast.



In digging around for the perfect photos to share today, I found these, and these are some of my favourite shots of Aran from last year. They were taken 5 months after he went into renal failure, and despite still being underweight and still being on kidney-watch and still going back and forth to hospital for continual tests, he was still smiling and larking around.



This Hat was one of my sanity knitting projects when we were in Bologna hospital last January, and it was the Hat he wore when we were allowed off ward for the first time for a few hours, to walk a little, see the sky and get some fresh air. Lots of memories wrapped up in this Hat.

And as I sat here this morning looking at these shots, I remembered I hadn't yet published the pattern for it - and figured that today's a good a day as any!



And so here's Lumossity :)


Happy birthday Aran, our young hero x

ps/ if you knit this Hat, would you please consider donating to your national kidney charity? In the UK you could consider Kidney Research UK, and in the US you might consider the National Kidney Foundation. We don't know yet whether Aran will have chronic kidney disease for life; there are so many variables to consider... they tell us his chances are good but they can't rule it out. Having lived with acute kidney disease for these last 14 months, with 2 uncommon conditions that each consultant that we've seen knows relatively little about, it became pretty clear that more research is needed. Every penny helps :)

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