Basel is now available!

Named after the Swiss town that we were driving through on our journey from Italy to England earlier this year. As we passed by, heading towards the German border (and it's no small town either) I cast on for the final sample that you see in these photos, and so it came to be called Basel. Somehow, this town, with the meeting of the various borders, seemed to lend itself to the nature of this Hat.

This sample was originally cast on with the intention of Aran modelling it, yet somehow it managed to be modelled on a few heads, including Valentina's! It does fit Aran too, and this demonstrates just how stretchy the pattern is.

Provided in 4 sizes - 16 [18, 21, 23] in/ 40.75 [45.75, 53.25, 58.5] cm - and in both written and charted format, it really is an accessible design for all. Working well for both men and women, and all ages from 6 mths up, it's great for the whole family.

The twisted stitches that travel through the body start their journey at the brim and spiral up towards the crown where they meet and create a wonderfully smooth finish.


This is the last (new) single pattern for a while. The next releases will be the Mystery KAL (happening throughout November!) and a few patterns where the rights will be reverting back to me. Hopefully there will be a few more patterns in publications before the end of the year, but otherwise it's book work for me.


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