I've had a few emails since the release of Wee Woolly Toppers asking how to make some of the Hats in adult sizes. And so I thought I'd give rewriting one of them for adults a go, and see how it works.

Enter Propello:

Like the original version, this one calls for an alpaca or alpaca blend yarn, to give this Hat it's lovely drape. You could substitute most aran weight yarns, though do bear in mind how the fibres affect the shape.

The pattern comes in 3 sizes (18", 20" & 22") and is in written format only. It's an ideal beginners pattern, as the pattern is pretty straight forward with a couple of interesting decreases thrown in, to create that distinctive shape.

As another thank you for 5 years of support, this pattern is available free until 30th September! After that it'll be it's normal price of £2.50. To add to that, it's also going to be our October KAL pattern over in the Wormhead's Hats group on Ravelry, so do come and join us.

Incase anyone is wondering, there are no plans to release the patterns from WWT as they are individually. Given the cost of the book and the cost of an individual pattern I don't think it's worth it (currently £6 for the PDF of 10 patterns, the singles would be £2.50 each... the maths says it all) I may however offer more of them in adult version as singles; not all of them translate as well to adult Hats as Propeller/Propello does, so I'll see how it goes.

So go, download & enjoy! Don't forget to add it to your Ravelry library if you're a member, as once it goes to full price everything changes. And once you've downloaded, stop by the Rav group and join us in gearing up for the KAL.

Thanks to Valentina, my step-aunt, for being such a star in front of the camera :)

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