Thank you for your comments on my last post, and for understanding my reasons. I really didn't want to blog about this again, yet I've had a number of emails, many of which I don't have time to reply to I'm afraid, so I'm going to answer some of the questions and points here.

I'd like to re-iterate that I'm not trying to stop people from knowing who I am, nor do I want to wipe out my real identity, I'm simply asking for my real and full name not to be published publicly. If my name comes up in a private group or discussion that's fine, and those are private and I would hope that's recognised. As I said in my last post at one point I did relax more about this and perhaps that has played some part in some people thinking it's perfectly OK to publish my full name. For instance I've been more tolerant of my first name being used (and I won't call it my christian name because I've never been christened or baptised or any such thing, and under the eyes of the law it is simply my first name) because I've gotten to know so many people well and it's friendlier to be on first name terms. However I have hoped that my not using my name, and certainly not publishing my full name, would be an example to others not to too, but it seems not to be the case in many instances. I clearly need to make this clearer, which is the purpose of these posts. It's hard to keep asking people individually not to use your name; you start to sound like a nag very, very quickly.

Also, I am aware that there are many websites out there where my real name is published alongside my pseudonym; I mentioned this yesterday. Many of these I have contacted and asked them to remove my name - many of them have ignored me. Hence again the public request.

This blog will carry on as it has been - it won't change, there's no need to. Asking that people respect my wish to keep my full name private doesn't affect how I blog, or it's contents! How we live, our bus and more, is all part of my creativity - it feeds it and nurtures it - and that's what this blog is about. Neither will I stop posting about how I feel about issues that concern me or my business. To some these are the more personal aspects of my blog, yet they are still totally relevant. I'm human and I'm not going to pretend otherwise under the pretence of professionalism; that's not what professionalism is in my mind. Secondly, I have an illness that outright affects my business because it alters the way I think. Why would I hide that? If my illness is going to affect my business, which could in turn affect my customers or my wholesalers or my distributors, I think it's only fair to be honest about this. Besides, hiding my depression only feeds the taboo and I'm damn well not going to do that!

I'm a bit wound up this morning that I feel the need to justify myself further after some of the (private) responses I've received to my post. As has been said already, I'm only asking that my full name, my first and last name, are not published, especially in relation to Woolly Wormhead.

That's enough of that, I hope :) To cheer us all up, here's a few shots from yesterday's photo shoot. We had a good shoot, and even though it was ultra hot and sunny the extra time I've put into learning how to use my camera properly is starting to pay off. Here are the first two patterns of those I've been finishing off recently, and both are now published.



And Radial:


I hope you like them!

It's now time for my weekly massage, which will help me destress a little :)

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