When I said we had a good photoshoot at the weekend, did I say it was a busy one too?

Symetrie is published today, and is another design for sock yarn. Having received sponsorship to design Hats using this yarn I had to step aside from my cable phase and work with stitch patterns that enhance the colours, and not be drowned by them.

This design is based on a chevron pattern, that uses a centred double decrease and eyelets to create lines of symmetry and reflection. I thought the deep waves suited this colourway really well.

Maybe it's the come-down from working on TWT, or maybe it's the challenge of breaking out of my comfort zone, yarn-wise, but either way my motivation need the occasional nudge when working on them. Don't get me wrong, I'm pleased with the results and wouldn't publish them otherwise, however I do think these patterns have been an interesting experience for me.

When I was offered the sponsorship I took it because I wanted to challenge myself with a different weight yarn group - rarely do I work with yarn much below DK weight. Heck, I love DK, worsted and Aran yarns!  I think perhaps going from solids and semi-solids back to heavily variegated yarn gave me the most problems - they needed simpler designs and I'd got into a nice complex cable groove; it was this change of track that threw me the most, I think.

I am pleased with these new designs, and I think with both Symetrie and Radial my love of all things circular and the properties they hold shine through.

The pattern is worked in the round, bottom-up and is provided in both written and charted format, with the crown fully charted. There are 3 sizes available, from 19"/48 cm (child or small adult) through to 24"/61 cm (large adult). It's a pleasant knit, as the body of the pattern is fairly straight forward and logical.

There are currently 2 more designs to come in this yarn, then I think I need a break from it - there are fresh designs in my head that need more subtle coloured yarn. I will return to using this type of yarn though, and I can now see it's potential for other types of designs.

The photos for Symetrie were shot over the weekend, but we didn't just focus on new designs. Whenever I get the chance, with the right models and settings, I like to get photos of some older designs, or ones where the rights are about to revert back to me. The designs I had published in Yarn Forward are being prepared for self-publishing, so some of those needed new shots.

Here's Silvia (yes, with her new colour hair! The dark colour does indeed suit her, she is Italian after all ;) wearing Forestry, which was the most recent pattern published with YF and won't be available separately until 15th August.


Here we have Weekender, which will be available 15th July:

I have other shots of this Hat, modelled by my young cousin, which we took last summer before I sent the Hat to the magazine. Even though both models are blonde, they contrast each other well and show how different faces can wear the same Hat.


Of the other Yarn Forward patterns, Elsica is now available to purchase by itself and is also going into wholesale distribution:

And Trenza will be available from the 15th June:

Of the Hats we shot over the weekend, 4 are secret designs, which will be revealed at various stages over the next few months. A couple of others are new designs which will be self-published, and those will be shared soon too.

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