An error has been found in Vlora. Not a really bad error, and the pattern does work with it, except the written instructions don't match the chart, and the charted version is the proper version. It's been amended, new file uploaded and everyone who purchased the pattern has been sent the new version.

But I'm a perfectionist who can't admit that she's human and flawed, and so this errata has been bothering me. 'Cos, y'know, I always need new reasons to beat myself up.

However, it has gotten me thinking. Of the 75 patterns that have been published, 11 to date have had an error of some kind. No big errors, no serious shockers, typos mainly. And as much as that figure leaves a dent in my pride, it's not an horrendous amount. Being completely paranoid about errors creeping in, there's a thread in the Ravelry group purely for pattern problems - I'd sooner know something was wrong so I could fix it ASAP.

So I got thinking.... the biggest chunk of these errors have occurred when translating from charted to written instructions. Yes, they've been checked and test edited, but these are those sorts of daft typos that are easy to miss, and we're only human. All of the charts have been correct though.

I design the sideways Hats in the charts. Vertical knitting I do in written format, as I always have, and even though I can chart any stitches used in the vertical ones, I can't chart the whole pattern. Can't tell you why, I just can't. Yet I prefer to chart the sideways patterns completely rather than write them. Go Figure. I also chart any colourwork; I'm not completely insane.

I have way too many ideas for sideways designs for me to keep up with. I love their construction, their uniqueness and challenges. They are also easier to work, for me at least, as with each wedge knitted I meticulously check each row then segment, making sure the design works and makes sense, and then make any changes as needs be.

Since January 2007, 30 of my sideways designs have been published, countless more abandoned. Am I putting too much pressure on myself?

And even though I don't share much of my design process, they are test knitted and checked and re-knitted and so on. I just forget to photograph each stage, and instead document everything in notes. Invariably I'll frog a test knit before I remember I have a camera or two.

Doing more sideways designs and patterns does bring the possibility of more errors, with that translation between written and charted issue. And that means my track record could get worse... unless I publish chart only patterns, which I don't want to do.

And this is what is keeping me awake tonight.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead