A new pattern!

Remember a while back I was working on a Hat for my midwife, as a thank you gift for all her amazing support? Well I abondoned the lace affair - just don't have the concentration for lace right now - so reworked the beret as a sideways pattern, with a swirl kinda bias pattern.It's not actually knitted on the bias, though.... it's a clever trick using the short rows! Knitted sideways, with prov cast-on, kitchener etc for that seam-free finish.
To make it a little bit different from a regular beret, it has a gentle brim, which because of the nature of the reverse stocking stitch knit sideways, rolls slightly. It could easily be knit without the brim, although I haven't included that in the pattern. (should I add that?) Now also includes a regular beret version without the lower rolled brim, although that's not photographed in the pattern.

Using a skein of Cascade 220 (and the large size needs all that yardage!), 4mm straights, with a gauge of 20st x 26 rows to 10cm/4". As it's knit sideways, row gauge is the one you need to get spot on for a decent fit. There are 3 adult sizes included, with the instructions in both written and charted format.

It's available for the usual price (2 squid) from the website here and Ravelry here.

Man, it feels like a *long* time since I finished a pattern! It really isn't so easy these days.

The other lace one I was working on? Yes Rosie, the yarn is alpaca! Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. Well, me thinks that will be frogged and abondoned too.... lace really isn't working for me right now. My brain is throwing up more sideways ideas than I can keep up with to keep me occupied for some time yet.... which is cool, as the Sideways Hat KAL seems to be attracting more people! Surprisingly, most of the members aren't from the sister group, so lots of fresh faces :)

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