Korra is the fifth and final design from the Elemental collection, and represents the Fifth Element. This element is different things in different theories - it's balance, or aether or the spirit. Either way, it's an element that combines or compliments the other four.


Korra was the first Hat I designed for this collection, but having worked through Toph, I went back and redesigned it, and defined exactly what I wanted it to be. In keeping with the theories, this Hat features a little of each of the other Elemental Hats.


Within this design you'll find the short row forms that feature heavily within Azula and Toph. You'll also find the strong lines from Opal and Katara, which are also influence not by the short rows of the background, but by the short rows of the foreground. It also features a distinctly different coloured brim, although it doesn't require a two colour graft.


It also features a slightly different, more gathered crown. It doesn't demand to be flat, and instead asks that the fabric collects more organically. The overall shape is that of a comfort slouch, yet if you were to look closely at the pattern, the maths is quite different from the others.


The construction is different from the others, too, or at least in it's approach. Yes, it's knit sideways with short row shaping integrated within the short row patterning, but the way you work the panels asks you to think a little for yourself within a given set of parameters. There are warnings not to go off piste else the fabric won't be balanced, but there is an element of build-your-own here, allowing you to making the Hat unique to you.

Korra is by far the easiest of the five Hats to knit, provided you follow the guidelines for maintaining a balanced fabric. The short row forms are small and easily memorised, and are a good stepping stone towards the more complex Hats


When it came to the photoshoot, this was the first Hat we shot and the only Hat we didn't need to reshoot for optional extras. Considering this was the first time Beth had ever modelled, and given her nervousness about that, I think these photos are bloody brilliant and carry a hint of purity, innocence? with them.


Korra herself is an avatar, which means she is a master of all the elements. She's the Avatar of the second series, and as was the case with her predecessors, her job is to maintain balance between the nations. There is also a spiritual element to all avatar characters, and it makes me really admire the creators of this series, and the thoughtfulness they placed into each and every character and role.


Yarn wise, Korra uses one skein of of Soot and Russet of the Bloomsbury DK. I got both Azula and Korra from the one skein of Russet, but the dark grey fell a little short when I was working on Opal, so do bear that in mind.

And there we have the five Hats in the Elemental collection! There's lots more I want to talk about - the photoshoot location, Beth our wonderful model, and the yarn itself - as we lead up to the release date. Publication isn't long away now and I'm getting pretty excited :D

AuthorWoolly Wormhead