To celebrate the recent release of Classic Woolly Toppers, there is going to be a blog and podcast tour that includes some fantastic folk who love Hats just as much as I do. The line up of those broadcasting and writing about Classic Woolly Toppers is really exciting as there are some very talented writers, designers, podcasters, and bloggers whose work I have enjoyed for some time.



Here is a line up of who you can expect to find talking about Classic Woolly Toppers

9th September 2012 - The Electric Sheep Podcast hosted by Hoxton Handmade

13th September 2012 - Subway Knits Podcast hosted by Maria MN

17th September 2012 - Stolen Stitches Blog hosted by Carol Feller

21st September 2012 - Tot Toppers Blog hosted by Kate Oates

25th September 2012 - More Yarn Will Do the Trick Blog hosted by Jean Moss

29th September 2012 – TheKnitgirllls Videocast hosted by Laura and Leslie

3rd October 2012 - Sand And Sky Creations Blog hosted by Simone Van Iderstine

7th October - Susan B Anderson Blog hosted by Susan B Anderson

11th October 2012 - Dull Roar Blog hosted by Alex Tinsley

15th October 2012 - rock+purl Blog hosted by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud

19th October 2012 - Sheep to Shawl Blog hosted by Donna Druchanas

23rd October 2012- do stuff! leethal Blog hosted by Lee Meredith

25th October 2012 - Knitspot blog hosted by Anne Hanson

27th October 2012 - Bricoleur Knits blog hosted by Cirilia Rose

31st October 2012 - Just call me Ruby Blog hosted by Susan Crawford

Also, listen out for the Paula’s review in late October for the Knitting Pipeline Podcast that she’s squeezing in between lots of travels!

Each host will feature the book in a different way that will really help you to get to grips with what makes this book so special. The variety of different blog posts and type of presentation means that you can learn about the book in new ways and perhaps meet some new bloggers and podcasters along the way. Many of the hosts will be celebrating with discount codes or giveaways of all shapes and sizes so be sure to check each post out so that you don’t miss out on any fun!

Of course, if you cannot wait to get your hands on a copy of CWT, you can purchase the book over here, as well as find out more about the book and the individual patterns. Camden Cap is this months knit-a-long in the Wormhead's Hats Ravelry group - we'd love to see you over there too!


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