For those who pre-ordered the digital version of Twisted Woolly Toppers - please check your inbox for the download link - it's ready and waiting for you! I do hope you like it :)

Most of today will be taken up by the ever enjoyable battle with our network as I attempt to send the full (and huge!) manuscript file to my publisher. Once they receive that, they will get things rolling at their end.

If you're quick off the mark and have downloaded the digital book already, you will have noticed how the architecture of the local town here plays such an important part in this collection. As I was putting the layout plans together in my head I thought it would be a nice angle to provide a little bit of background to what has no doubt influenced many of these designs. Susan (editor at Arbour House Publishing who publish the print version) had a very similar idea too, so it was a done deal that there would be some photography of the town included. I'm still only learning portrait photography and was a little worried that my photos of the town wouldn't be up to scratch, yet I think I captured the feel of the town well.

I've been trying to persuade my friends to come and visit me, yet none of them have yet. Perhaps this will help convince them? There's a button museum in the old town!


Do any of you have any favourite podcasts or other places you think would be interested in reveiwing Twisted Woolly Toppers? That's next on my list, getting the book out and spreading the word and any suggestions would be welcome.

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