One half of my brain keeps trying to convince me that I should be having a holiday of some sort, y'know, enjoy the sights and relax some. The other half likes to remind me that this is what I do and that I just can't help myself. Besides which, we need to buy food and fuel with something.

Somehow I've managed to find a middle ground. Now that we have some sort of internet connection, I can still keep in touch with everyone, still be a part of the online community (without which I feel rather lost!) and still be here for anyone who needs help with my patterns (which is probably what was worrying me most when we weren't online)

And so, the baby collection is finished! Well, nearly. It's in the very final stages and will be published on target, if not a little sooner. See, I've discovered that less time online and more time chilling actually makes me work better! Ok, I'm no enlightened genius for stating the obvious, but how many of us actually practice this?

I present the Hats, in no particular order....


































This collection proved to be more of a challenge than I originally thought it would be.... it might seem easy to come up with a bunch of Hats for babies, yet when you give yourself certain restrictions, like 50g must be sufficient for all sizes, all techniques must be beginner to intermediate, explanations for techniques and abbreviations widely available (no tutorials are included in this booklet) it gets a bit tough.


Think I've managed it, though. I wanted this to be budget, so stash yarns were used to keep costs down (though they have all been test knitted and tech edited - can't cut too many corners!) and using common and fairly simple techniques keeps my time and the page count to a minimum.

There's also a pretty generous licence included, for non-profit and small commercial sales - more about that when I get the details up on my website (which could be any time tomorrow or next week, depending on how many of us are slowing down the network ;) Anyhow, not long until it's all finished and available.

That's me done for now, enjoy :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead