Y'know that thing I've not been talking about? It's no longer the 'we can't talk about it' thing.

Huge thanks to Amy for modelling (let's not curse her for being so bloody photogenic) and to Carina for putting up with us (although she had her moment too in the AntiCraft) Thanks also to Susoolu for helping me write the blurb and putting up with my head wobbles.

This is for those of you who loved the crochet version but were too scared by the hook (and yeah, I played it safe)

It's there, it's out, it's the knitted Hex.

Wormhead's in Knitty! Rock on ;)

Thank you all for your lovely messages re my eyes. The dilation period is over so I'll be able to slowly get back to popping around the internet in my usual fashion. Proper catch up soon, I promise. Enjoy!

PS/ Denise so loves Hexed that she's started a 'Hexalong'! Crochet version allowed too, I'm told.

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