Hat tips & tricks

The Woolly Hat society is a free club for those who love making woolly Hats! Within each newsletter you'll find, amongst other things, useful Hat knitting tips & tricks from the Hat architect herself.

You can find out more about membership on The Woolly Hat Society page.

Below is an archive of previous tips, tricks & Hat knitting hacks.

January 2018

Today's tip is how to avoid 'teat head'. This one always brings a chuckle but you'll known exactly what I mean. It occurs generally on Hats that are close fitting at the crown, such as this month's pattern, and the reason for it is that the decreases continue for too long, essentially creating a pixie point. There are two ways to avoid it:

  1. Stop decreasing when you reach around 8sts or 6sts, depending on the pattern/crown maths formula. Going below this number will be guaranteed to add a small point right at the centre of the crown.
  2. Another way to flatten the crown at that crucial point is to take out the last plain row between decrease rounds if there is one, and if there isn't a plain round then speed up the decreases a little in the last couple of rounds.