4 Hats designed for lovers of circles

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Circled is a special collection exploring the properties of circles through knitted lines and form. Each Hat features a different element: offset arcs (Circled #1), concentric rings in a fibonacci sequence (Circled #2), negative semi-circles (Circled #3) and top down corkscrew spiral (Circled #4)

An intriguing new grafting technique has been developed to allow the knitter to create perfect rings of slipped stitches around the Hats. Detailed photographic tutorials are included, and online support will be available through the Ravelry forums via specific discussion threads.

This collection is sure to please lovers of technique, concept, circles and geometry, as well as provide brilliant new designs for your 4ply and fingering weight variegated yarns.

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Publication date: March 2017
Technical editors: Kate Atherley & Heather Murray
Graphic design & layout: Zabet Groznaya

PDF: 32 pages, full colour, 150DPI, 11MB, product no.: WW308BCircled


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