As previously discussed on this blog, the price of my patterns and eBooks will increase from 1st January 2015.

The various costs of doing business, from paying my models and editors, to the cost of postage, raw materials and more, have gradually been increasing over the last few years. As has the cost of living, and I can no longer afford to absorb these extra costs.

The price increases will be as follows:

Single patterns will be £3.50/$6 each.

eBooks will have two price points - £10/$17 (WWT, TWT, CWT, PWT etc) and £12/$20 (GS, Bambeanies)

I'm still working out details with the new printer (Magcloud) for the print books, but once the books get back into print, the prices are likely to be as follows:

Printed books - £16/$26 (WWT, TWT, CWT, PWT etc) and £18/$30 (GS, Bambeanies)

You can find details relating to these increases here:


And you can find details relating to the increasing costs of business here:



I would like to reiterate that this price increase is NOT to cover the additional costs that the new EU VAT law will bring. I wrote about this previously, and at this point I am willing to absorb the costs of the VAT (the admin involved will actually cost more than the VAT itself) for the first few months to see how the changes affect things.

You can read more about the new EU VAT law and how I propose to deal with the changes here:



My aim is to continue to provide good value for money, and to maintain the same standard of patterns and books that you've come to expect. Thanks for your understanding and continued support :)

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