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Please note - all of the Cast Off tutorials (incl. kitchener stitch) can now be found here.

You are welcome to download and use these tutorials. If you wish to recommend them to a friend or use them in a pattern I ask that you link to this page - please do not link directly to the PDFs. Likwise, please do not distribute them in anyway - please link to this page.

All tutorials are provided in PDF format for ease of use: if you are unfamiliar with PDFs, please visit the FAQ page.

NEW! Alternate Cable Cast-On for 2x2, 1x2 & 2x1 ribs
Following on from the success of the Alternate Cable cast-on tutorial, this tutorial takes the AC cast-on a few steps further, and shows you how this method can be used for 2x2, 1x2 and 2x1 rib cast-ons. You will need the Alternate Cable cast-on tutorial to go with it (listed below)

Cable Cast-On & Alternate Cable Cast-On
This tutorial demonstrates 2 of my favourite cast-ons - cable cast-on for a stable, neat edge and it's cousin, the alternate cable cast-on (also known as a ribbed cast-on, or ribbed cable cast-on) which is perfect for 1x1 ribbing. These cast-ons are my default methods, unless a design suggests otherwise.

Picot Cast-on
This tutorial teaches a versatile and decorative cast-on that can be adapated for any purpose. Based on a cable cast-on, this method can be used for flat or circular knitting alike.

Tubular Cast-on
This tutorial demonstrates a quick and easy way to perform a 1x1 tubular cast-on for ribbed edges. No waste yarn is needed and this method works well for knitting in the round. This tutorial was first published in Yarn Forward magazine issue 22.

Provisional Cast-on
This tutorial demonstrates how to work a crochet (or chain) provisional cast-on directly on to the knitting needle. Perfect for partnering with Kitchener stitch, and it can also be used as regular cast-on which mirrors a standard cast-off.

Provisional Cast-on
Circular Cast-on
This tutorial outlines the ideal way to cast-on for a top-down Hat. Using a crochet hook, this method creates the stitches around a loop which can be tightened after a few rows, avoiding any holes at the crown.

Circular Cast-on