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This website is constantly growing, with the aim of providing you with as much help and information as possible.

A wealth of information can already be found from the Information and Tutorial menus above, and you may find the FAQ helpful. Additional information regarding sales, terms and licensing can be found on the Terms & Conditions page. The Ravelry group Wormhead's Hats is recommended for pattern support.

If the answer to your question can't be found on the pages linked above and you wish to get in touch, please use this form. Please ensure that you use a valid email address and that it is spelt correctly, and if you are enquiring about a specific purchase, please use the email address with which you purchased the item. If you do not receive a confirmation email then there may be a problem with the details you have submitted, and my reply may not reach you safely.

My hours of work are between 9am and 1pm (London time, GMT), Monday to Friday. My aim is to reply to emails within 72 hours. Thanks for your understanding!