I've been resistant to increasing prices on any of my products, but sometimes needs must. The single patterns will remain the same, and from the 1st January the eBooks will have a new pricing structure:

eBooks with >10 patterns: £15/$24
eBooks with 10 patterns: £12/$19
eBooks with <10 patterns: £10/$16

Single patterns will remain priced at: £3.75/$6

There are a few reasons for the need to increase - some of it is to do with the exchange rate and currency fluctuations, which doesn't look to settle or improve any time soon and this has a knock-on effect on my costs (sometimes this works in my favour, other times not). This increase also allows me to add in an extra price point, as I've a few collections planned that have less than 10 patterns and I want to maintain a good balance between value of the collection vs the value of the singles. I also want to keep my prices generally in line with market price, as I don't want to feel like I'm undercutting, underpricing or undervaluing. When the EUVat kicked in I didn't change the prices of the eBooks that much, and I'm now earning less on these as I was (eBooks are the most costly items to produce). And given my current health my costs are increasing overall, even without these additional factors, as I'm outsourcing more and more work, and I have to try to keep things balanced this end. 

Pricing is hard.

I still believe the eBooks offer excellent value, given the amount of patterns and tutorials included, and especially given the market as it is. The current set up that allows you to buy the bundle and have the amount you've already spent be deducted will continue, and I will still continue to offer both currencies to give you the choice and best value for money.

I know I don't have to justify any of this, but I do like to be transparent so you can see how your money is being spent!

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It can be pretty tough running an online business - there are so many ways to stay in touch and it quickly becomes overwhelming. I've needed to rethink how I run things, and I figured it'd be a good idea to run through again the best ways to stay in touch to help folks avoid disappointment and frustration.

Social Media platforms
I'm active on Twitter, Instagram and by proxy, Facebook (I don't have a personal account). That's only 3 platforms, and it's already too much for one person to cope with!

To make things manageable, I won't answer customer support on any of these platforms - it'd be impossible to keep up and help everyone if I tried. I won't answer emails or private messages through these platforms, either. If you need help with a pattern or anything Hatterly, the Ravelry forum is the absolute best place to go. There is so much knowledge and information there that you probably won't need to post to find the answer you're looking for.

If you really need to email, then please use the contact form on my website. That points you towards some very helpful links and gives you an idea of what to expect when you get in touch. Unfortunately the new Instagram business account requires a method of direct contact, and this is causing me to consider changing my account back to a personal one, as I can't turn off the email function.

When I held the #bethechange promotion the other week, I had nearly 13,500 emails within a 24 hour period. That's not a normal thing, but it hints at how daftly busy inboxes can get. (it also showed just how quickly boundaries are ignored and any means possible are used to get in touch - I had to ignore the hundreds of messages that came through all the channels I ask folk not to use - which I'm sure was just as frustrating for them as it was for me)

If your question can be answered on the Ravelry forums, by the many tutorials on this website or even a quick Google search, then it will save us both time and energy. I'd hate for your email to languish in my inbox whilst I try and keep on top of things when there could have been a quicker way for you to access what you need. Similarly, a busy inbox sends me into meltdown - I am one person and can only handle so much.

With this rotten frozen shoulder I've had to limit time I spend at the computer, and have had to outsource many tasks (which is good, it gives me a break and time to recover, but it doesn't come free). With this in mind, ALL pattern support is now managed on the Ravelry forum. Doing it this way allows me to pop in everyday and help lots of people at once in a manageable and pain-free way. Community based knowledge is a brilliant thing.

Don't even go there; I don't answer the phone to anyone.

Firstly, I hate the phone. It's intrusive and when you can't/don't answer a call, the caller can often get impatient and demanding... who needs that kind of stress? A phone call interrupts my work flow and focus, and time is pretty precious. I travel frequently and if I'm abroad answering your call costs me a small fortune (likewise with texts). Phone anxiety or phobia is real, and I shouldn't have to justify why I don't and won't use it.

Viber & Whatsapp
These are preserved for friends and family, and are the best way for personal messages to come through. Way better than text and email, for sure. They are both light on data, making it super easy when I'm travelling (photos and videos wait until I'm safely in a free wifi zone; voice mail doesn't exist in my world - see paragraph above).


As communication grows, especially online, no-one can be expected to be in the places all the time. That's ridiculous, and anyone who tries will quickly lead themselves to melting point. We each need to set our bondaries offline and online, in business or with personal, and it's up to us how we do that. Enforcing these boundaries is often a difficult path, as it isn't always respected and online comms has bred an expectant culture, where it's believed that everyone is contactable all of the time.

It's important to remember that behind each screen is another human being, with their own life and challenges, and that they cannot be there for you all the time. Setting boundaries is in everyone's best interest - you know the best ways and times to contact, and what to expect, and the person at the other end can get a little peace and time to sleep (because yes, time zones are a thing that's so easily forgotten in this instaworld)

At risk of sounding like a moany blog post, I want to thank and hug everyone who helps me by helping on the forums and by understanding that I can't be all the things!

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Earlier in the year I mentioned some yarn that was sent my way from a new indie dyer - this blog post might remind you! Well, during our travels over the summer I was able to (gently) knit a new Hat for Aran with the brightest of the yarns; a cosy comfy Hat that he could grow into, and the pattern is now ready.

Aran asked that we take a Wolverine shot, and so we did

Aran asked that we take a Wolverine shot, and so we did


A fisherman's rib Hat is the perfect Hat for a lively yarn like Marcin's Caterpillar, and it'll make for perfect TV or travel knitting. One skein is all you need for any of the sizes, and there's enough left in the skein to add a bit of extra length, should you prefer.


Fisherman's rib is very room and yardage thirsty, hence it'll make a very stretchy Hat - this one is a little big for Aran I think, and it fits me, so there's plenty of room for him to grow into it! And as Fisherman's rib naturally adds width, there's no need to add extra stitches to encourage the slouch - it does it all by itself.


I really enjoyed working with the Comfy DK from Martin's Lab - it has a generous yardage and is soft and pliable. I'm slowly hatching plans for the other skeins in my stash... I'm thinking something more for Aran and Ivy-Mae, given that the bright colours and superwash yarn hint towards kids Hats.


Don't forget though that even thought I design kids Hats and model them on kids, they nearly always go up to adult sizes! Aran will be 9 in March, and he has a 21.75in circumference head - that same size is the average adult female - so if it fits him, it'll likely fit you, too.


If you pop over to the Free Patterns page you can download the PDF from there.


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Photoshoot responsibilities are firmly in Tom's corner for the foreseeable future, thanks to my frozen shoulder, and yesterday afternoon saw us shooting a few shots with him trying to emulate my style. Tom's often done photography work for me, and now that the camera is very much in his hands I think he's starting as he means to go on!


This Hat in need of a name will be published in December. The sample is knit in Snail Yarn aran, which I picked up at the Swiss Wolle festival last year. It's a squishy, cosy yarn with lovely deep and subtle colouring, and is just right for the brioche and garter combo.

Brioche Slouch.LR.6.jpg

Can you help name this Hat? There'll a free copy of the pattern for you when it's published, and another single pattern of mine of your choice.

Only thing is, is that I need to get the pattern to the printers sunday night, monday morning at the latest! Although it's not due for release for another 4 weeks, I need some pattern samples in a couple of weeks for an event, and that means getting it to the printer sharpish.

I'll leave this open for 48hrs - simply leave a comment on this blog post (not Twitter, IG or FB - sorry!) and I'll pick a winner sunday evening (about 6pm GMT). Don't forget to tell me your Ravelry name, your choice of 2nd pattern, and in the email field (which won't be public) let me know where I can get hold of you.

Fire away, and I look forward to hearing your suggestions!

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Indeed you can pop over and listen to myself and Nadia chatting about all sorts!

We recorded the interview in the magnificent ballroom that I taught in, which does give it a bit of an echo, but don't let that put you off. We had a good laugh whilst recording, and it really was a fun thing to do.

(shall I confess that we sat on the floor inside a large wardrobe unit within the ballroom to reduce the echo? We tried sitting in every part of the room, and it was really the only room available to us! It's certainly a day to remember ;)