The next free pattern going out to #thewoollyhatsociety will be this one, Absolute Slouch.


It's another one of the designs that I'd put together for the Absolute range, which I decided to shelf before it got started. And rather than let these designs go to waste in a folder on my PC, I figured I'd release them as free patterns.

These designs were designed for beginner knitters & whilst they're not as in-depth as absolute beginner patterns possibly need (this was one of the main reasons for shelving the project - this type of pattern writing is pretty time consuming & quite a shift from my usual style) they are still simple enough for confident beginners to try.

This design is worked flat & seemed. It introduces slipped stitches & basic increases & decreases.

The next newsletter will got put towards the end of July - click on the "Join" option in the menu above to sign up if you're not already a member!

Free patterns are exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society for a month, before being published on the Free Patterns page for all to access (I'm blogging in bed from my phone, and can't add hyperlinks - everything's in the menu above!)


The York Slouch, which went out towards the end of May, is now available for direct download from the Free Patterns page.

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The ANPI fundraiser from a few posts back finished at midnight CET saturday evening, and the total sat at €1330. That amount has now been transferred to the local branch, in Santarcangelo.


As I said before, ANPI are a registered charity in Italy. And they are more than just an ant-fascist organisation.

I learnt recently that they help support legal cases against hate speech and prejudice. They are literally doing all they can to fight hate, prejudice and the consequences of these actions. They are promoting peace and collaboration across a wide spectrum. And they need all the support they can get.

I've spoken with members of the local branch since the total was announced and to say they're bowled over would be an understatement. Your support will help victims of hate crime, help promote equality, cooperation and collaboration, and provide much needed support to marginalised groups.

Thank you.

I'm thinking about further ways I can help, perhaps auctioning some of my samples, but I need to get to grips with the new business system and find out how charity donations work within that. Once I've got it straightened out, I'll see what I can do.

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By the looks of things, my business will be changing over towards the end of July or beginning of August, and the biggest change that will be visible is the change in currency and prices.

My main currency - on this website and on Etsy - will change to Euros. Ravelry, Craftsy, Kitterly & Patternfish will remain in US Dollars. And I'll keep LoveKnitting as the one place for Sterling, because I'd like there to be somewhere that is. Makerist will remain in Euros, as it is now.

Because I have to switch currencies, it also means a juggle in prices, mostly to align with the EU prices that are already established.

Prices in US dollars haven't changed in a very long time, years, and that does need to adjust slightly to match my prices in Euros. The one I feel most awkward about is the change to Sterling - this one had an increase most recently (just over 2 years ago) and the fall in value of the currency means I gotta do it again. But it is what it is.

You'll know that these business changes back end are pretty big - getting incorporated and VAT registered and all the grown up things - and in many ways I'm glad it's all happening at once... we've one big bump to work around and hopefully everything will settle soon enough.

Going forward, the new prices will be:

€5.50 : $7 : £4.75

<4 patterns: €12 : $14 : £11
<10 patterns: €14 : $17 : £13
10 patterns: €16 : $19 : £14
>10 patterns: €20 : $24 : £18

I will be paying the VAT, just as I do now.

These prices will be effective as soon as the business moves, and right now I can't give an exact date but as I said, it'll hopefully be in the next 4 to 6 weeks. Anyhows, I know I've no need to justify any of this but since it's all of you lovely folks who buy my work that keeps the food on the table and a roof over our heads, I like to be transparent where I can.


Thank you for the fantastic response to my donation drive! I wasn't sure how well we'd do as it's the lowest point in the season, but we've topped €530 so far! I was hopeful I'd have €500 or thereabouts to donate by the end of the month, so I'm pretty chuffed.

I know a lot of folks like to turn to their knitting as a way of escaping what's going on in the world, and I get that - I do. But I don't have that luxury. The situation we're in - which could get more precarious, who knows - has been bought about by politics. The rise of far right politics, mostly.

So as much as a few people complained about my most recent newsletter (where I didn't talk about the situation as in depth as I did here) the current state of things here and my want to do something is personal. Good for you that the current politics doesn't affect you, that you can ignore it, but we're not all in the same boat. Thanks for your understanding.

(besides which, politics is everywhere, in everything. Making a donation to charity is political; choosing to support independant businesses is political; and choosing to abstain or ignore politics is political, too.)

Thank you to all of you for your continued support. It's been a difficult few weeks and I'm glad we're all still moving forward!

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When news broke the other day that the Italian Interior Minister plans to register Roma and expel non-Italian Roma, I lost the ability to cope with the darkness that is creeping over Europe and the rest of the world.

Quando l'altro giorno è arrivata la notizia che il Ministro degli Interni italiano stava pianificando di censire tutti i Rom e espellere quelli non italiani ho perso la capacità di reagire alle tenebre che stanno serpeggiando attraverso l'Europa e il resto del mondo.

What with the separation of children from families in the US, the utter mess that is Brexit and the issue of our rights not being protected as British citizens who have exercised our freedom of movement rights (because the UK government is actively seeking to remove our rights - I'm fed up with explaining how the media has whitewashed this one), this news from Italy was the last straw. I keep flitting between moments of panic and tears, anger and desperation, and fear to hopelessness. I know I'm not alone in this. 

Tra la separazione dei bimbi dalle loro famiglie negli Stati Uniti, quelll'assoluto caos che è la Brexit e la mancanza di tutela per noi cittadini britannici che abbiamo esercitato la nostra libertà di circolazione (il Governo britannico è attivamente impegnato nella rimozione dei nostri diritti e ne ho abbastanza di cercare di spiegare come i media abbiano totalmente insabbiato tutto questo),  questa notizia dall'Italia è stata la goccia che ha fatto traboccare il vaso. Sono passata da momenti di panico e lacrime, rabbia e disperazione, e paura a non avere nessuna speranza. So che non sono l'unica.

(there's a whole range of media sources linked above - please go read and educate yourself if you haven't already)

(c'è un'intera gamma di fonti linkate sopra - per piacere andatele a leggere e istruitevi se non lo avete già fatto).

All of this has happened because the right-wing and populist movements have continually stoked fear against immigrants, religious groups and outsiders. You'd think people would have longer memories and remember what happened in 1930's Europe and how it happened, but apparently not. And now fascism is on the rise again and it's bloody scary. 

Tutto questo è successo poichè i movimenti populisti di destra hanno continuato ad alimentare la paura nei confronti di immigrati, gruppi religiosi e stranieri. Ci si aspetterebbe che le persone avessero più memoria e ricordassero cosa è successo in Europa negli anni Trenta, e come è successo,  ma apparentemente non è così. E ora il fascismo è in crescita ed è dannatamente spaventoso.

And then it dawned on me yesterday that there was something I could do - raise funds for ANPI. Because that's what we do when everything starts falling apart - we take action.

E poi ieri mi è venuto in mente che potevo fare qualcosa: raccogliere fondi per l'ANPI. Perchè questo è quello che facciamo quando tutto comincia ad andare a pezzi: agiamo.


After some checks to see what I could do and how I could do it, I decided to offer a donation of all sales until the end of the month. I was going to restrict it to certain eBooks but this morning I woke up and just figured I'd throw 50% of my earnings from Ravelry and this website between now and the end of the month into the ANPI pot.

Dopo aver verificato cosa potevo fare e come farlo, ho deciso di fare una donazione su tutte le vendite fino alla fine del mese. Pensavo di limitarle solo ad alcuni eBook ma questa mattina mi sono svegliata e ho deciso che donerò il 50% delle mie entrate provenienti da Ravelry e da questo sito, da oggi sino a fine mese, all'ANPI.

Several Woolly Wormhead knitting patterns are available in Italian - they can be found on Ravelry here.

Numerosi modelli di cappelli a maglia di Woolly Wormhead sono disponibili con le istruzioni in italiano qui.

(I'm restricting the donation drive to my website and Ravelry store, as I get instant payments when a purchase is made, and it's far easier to track how much is being raised)

(Ho dovuto limitare le donazioni al mio sito e all' eShop Ravelry dal momento che solo da queste vendite ricevo pagamenti istantanei ed è molto più semplice calcolare quanto è stato raccolto).

ANPI are the anti-fascist organisation in Italy, a registered charity. Fascism first emerged in Italy during WW1 and spread across Europe. They are the best place to be sending my donation. They could use the awareness as well as the funds.

ANPI è un'associazione anti-fascista italiana, senza scopo di lucro. Il fascismo nacque in Italia durante la Seconda Guerra Mondiale e si diffuse nel resto d'Europa. ANPI è il miglior destinatario per la mia donazione. E può far buon uso sia della consapevolezza che della donazione.

The local branch have close links with Yard, and our Primo Maggio festivals these last two years have been joint fundraiser events between the Yard and ANPI. Knowing these folks first hand, I see how much work they put in, how dedicated they are. And they need support now more than ever.

L'Anpi locale ha un stretta relazione con il Campo e il nostro Festival del Primo Maggio degli ultimi due anni è stata un'iniziativa comune di foundraising. Conoscendoli di persona vedo il loro sforzo e quanto si impegnino. E ora più che mai hanno bisogno di supporto.

You can also make a donation directly to ANPI if you wish. And to learn more about ANPI, where it grew from, how it was founded and how the movement developed, click here.

Se preferite potete fare una donazione direttamente all'ANPI. E per conoscere meglio l'ANPI, da dove nacque, come venne fondata e come si sviluppò la Resistenza, cliccare qui.

Please help spread the word! Use the top image to share on social media, reshare this post, or reshare where I share the images (Rav, Twitter, IG etc). Thanks in advance for your support :)

Aiutatemi a spargere la notizia per favore. Condividete sui social l'immagine sopra o questo post o l'immagine che io ho già condiviso su Rav, Twitter, IG ecc. Grazie per il supporto :)

And now I'm going to throw myself into creating something clever and beautiful to publish, because personally I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place (or you could say it looks like we're going to get screwed by 2 governments, not just the one...) and I somehow need to find a way to buy ourselves an escape route.

Ed ora mi butto nella creazione di qualcosa di bello e ingegnoso, perchè personalmente mi sento intrappolata tra l'incudine e il martello ( o si potrebbe dire che sembra che saranno due governi a fregarmi, non solo quello...) e in qualche modo ho bisogno di trovare un modo per avere una via di fuga.

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I've been talking to a couple of good indie dyer friends of mine about ways that I can support them beyond what I already do. Stopping print wholesale will be less of an issue for shops but more of an issue for dyers, as they won't have access to the Ravelry In-store system. So I got thinking, and would appreciate some feedback?


Business cards with pattern details

This is the first idea I had, and it's something I can easily do for dyers in the UK or EU. 

For the new collection and for Elemental, I could put together business cards that have images on one side, then yardage/gauge/size info on the back, with the URL of where to buy the collection. This would ideally be coupled with the dyer knitting a sample or two, and I'm up for sending you a gift download link if you get in touch.

Maybe business cards wouldn't be big enough, maybe postcards would be better... and as I'd be printing a fair few the cost would be relatively low for me. I could then send these out to dyers in batches of 50 or so, gratis, and then you have something to give to your customers when they buy yarn based on the sample they've seen.

Win win, except I'm not going to be sending envelopes of heavy paper around the world! 

So then I got thinking about downloadables, so you could print them yourself. However, I'm not sure whether the business/postcard sizes would suit dyers, as having them printed professionally is going to cost and that might be prohibitive, and I imagine that some/many dyers may prefer to print at home? And if so, what size do I make the downloadables? Or would having the business/postcard sizes available for free download be enough, and then you'll juggle how to print them yourselves?

Do let me know what would be easiest - if I'm going to make a resource pack for dyers I want it to reach as many as possible.


A workaround for wholesale

So print wholesale has been nipped in the bud, and yarn stores can purchase through the Ravelry In-store sales system, but that doesn't help dyers.

I have worked with a few dyers, either by them ordering wholesale print from Magcloud, or by me printing an exclusive set of (printed) patterns that I then invoice for, and going forward neither of these will be an option.

But how about I still prepare the digital file, you buy a license to print however many from me, then you print them yourself? The invoice would simply be for a digital license, calculated on however many copies you think you'll need to print. For some that maybe only 10, for others 50. Digital Printing in the UK is where I usually get consumables printed and their rates are pretty reasonable. They've branches in Ireland, too, although I'm not sure if they'll ship to the EU. I could also make a US Letter version of the file, as well as A4, so I could offer this out worldwide.

The other option is to invoice for however many single use download codes, which you could then add to a postcard or leaflet, but most indie dyers have told me that if possible, folks like to buy the printed pattern at shows alongside the yarn?

Please do give me some feedback on this! It will involve some trust but I don't have a problem with that - I have a pretty good relationship with dyers.


Any other suggestions?

If there's something I've not mentioned that you'd like to see in action to support indie dyers, please do let me know in the comments below! Obviously I've my own limitations to factor too but I want to try and find clever solutions that suit both of us.

I really like the downloadables idea - free marketing material that you can download and print off. I could set up a separate page or include them on the collections' pages, alongside the blogger/reviewer press packs.

But I'm sure there's more I could do, so do let me know :)

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