A few months ago Marcin of Martin's Lab Yarns got in touch to ask if I'd be willing to contribute a design to a new book he was curating. It was just at the point where I'd decided to say no to all commissions going forward, but fortunately I had a design already mapped out that suited the yarn, and with a bit of arm twisting I was in.

The collection is called Stillness, and is launching this weekend at Yarndale. Fret not if you can't get there - they ship worldwide and will be catching up on orders after the show.


The Hat is designed for squishy Aran weight yarn, and is perfect for showcasing hand-dyed yarns. Throw in 2 buttons, a bit of sideways knitting and a classic texture and you have yourself a very gratifying Hat.

As I know you'll ask, the rights revert back to me later in December. Martin's Lab are only selling the book in print, so if you'd prefer digital you'll need to wait a little longer. If you like your print books though, especially ones with beautiful photography and layout, you may want to check out the other fab designs (and designers - there's quite the line up!) then place yourself an order.

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I got thinking about my colourwork patterns after some of the thoughts I've shared here, and Tom and I then got talking about my previous books and one thing led to another, and we thought a flash sale for Playful Woolly Toppers might be an idea!

The book explores lots of different ways of working with two colours (but no sideways short row colourwork...) and it's a book that kinda had it's limelight stolen, as the eviction order came and I quickly put together Hatopia to fundraise, and the rest is history. And it's a shame, as there's some fun patterns in there.

So why not let it have it's moment?

No coupon code needed, simply pop it into your cart! Also valid on Ravelry. The promotion ends midnight (GMT) tomorrow (Saturday 23rd September 2017)

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Towards the end of last week I started to notice that not only was the anxiety getting out of control, but that I was also getting physically ill with it. It's been many years since it's been this difficult; I'll have periods of consecutive panic attacks, but rarely does it snowball to the point where I get so ill.

Thankfully I'm starting to come out the other side, and realising at the same time how much it's all knocked me out.  


I'm having to be very careful with what I eat; the stress really hit that system badly, so it's time to keep an eye on the nutrients and salts. It only occurred to me yesterday that some re-hydration salts might be needed, and a few sachets later I can already feel the difference. Slowly I'm managing to get some sleep, although my sleep patterns are so easily disrupted so this one is going to be the toughest to straighten out. But I know from the state of my head that I'm coming out the other side of it.

This is in part due to post-book stress and the onset of the woolly Hat seasonal madness. But if life-issues weren't hitting at the same time, I wouldn't be getting this ill, and it's those things that are eating at my brain. It's bad timing, and there are some things that are being parked for a while - work projects, life stuff - and some are being parked until next year to give myself a break. 

I'm at a point now in my work schedule where I can afford to take a day or two off during the busy season without a backlog building straight up again. Whenever I've managed to work ahead and earn myself some time off, stuff - life - steals it. I'm determined not to let that happen again, so it's selfish Woolly for the foreseeable future.

I've been really struggling to work on new designs since releasing Elemental and honestly, that's probably pretty normal. It hasn't helped with the stress levels though (especially as the MKAL is just around the corner!) and breaking through that fog with the knitting above has been such a help. 

The season is on! The MKAL will happen, I'll be travelling around teaching, and we'll get to have our winter holiday. 

And next season, I think I'll skip the teaching tours altogether. 

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This week hasn't been the easiest week.


Its been a week of frequent anxiety attacks. Sometimes two or three in one day. For the most part I feel them coming and am able to stop them getting out of control. They're still exhausting and draining but no way near as debilitating as they could be. 

Then there's been days where I haven't been able to curtail them. I'll try, but a different trigger will come at you sideways and in no time, you're in full meltdown. The emotional hangover from these goes on for days, and the physical side sees me spacey and wired and unable to sleep for a good 24hrs afterwards.

Unsurprisingly more changes lay ahead, and the one thing I'm properly grateful for is Tom, and the team we make when we have to put our heads together.  Together we're both lateral and logical and with a similar spatial awareness, we can think around corners. We're known for our resourcefulness and practicality and this week has seen that in full force. We have plans. They might not come to fruition, but giving ourselves choices has been the most critical thing.

The tightness in my chest is finally starting to abate and sleep isn't as evasive as it was.

Somehow through all of this I've managed some work, and most of the to-do list is done. I'm mighty relieved that I'd done so much preparation for the coming season ahead... it'll still be daftly busy, but it shouldn't lose me too much sleep. We got this. 

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I've a few exciting workshops lined up this autumn, and one weekend will see me heading up towards the Scottish Highlands!


I've never taught this far north, and I'm pretty excited about it. I'm also not sure if I've a warm enough coat...! (thankfully I should have a Hat or two)

I'll be teaching four workshops: Knitting in the Round, The Art of the Knitted Circle, Turning Sideways and Reversible Cables. These are some of my most popular workshops, especially the sideways knitting, circles and reversible cables (all of them, then?) and it's not often I get the chance to teach these skills - definitely worth booking up. As always, I'll have professionally printed workshop notes for everyone and plenty of samples and swatches to share.

There are still a few places available for classes, so do go ahead and book in advance to be sure of a place! You can find the full list of classes by clicking here.

The marketplace is shaping up pretty nicely, too, with some of my favourite yarnies attending. These last few weeks have seen me working away on a special collaboration with one indie dyer, which we'll be releasing at the show, and I'll reveal more about that very soon. (tease)

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