This week is the final giveaway for #hatseasoncometh and I'm sure you're gonna love it!


This is a gorgeous skein of Ripples Crafts 4ply Quinag in one of her limited edition Hubble Bubble colourways. Each Hubble Bubble is a one off, and this one doesn't disappoint.


Within the skein you'll find a luscious mix of oranges and greys, leading to rusts and warm reds.


And it is going to make a beautiful Hat!

If you're not already familiar with Ripples Crafts yarn then it'll interest you to know that each skein is hand dyed in a small off-grid dwelling in Scotland. Wind power is put to good use and Helen creates these stunning colours reflecting her surrounding environment. What's not to love?

This particular skein is inspired by the Northern Lights and Hubble Telescope photos, and the depth of colour in the skein truly reflects that. I love too how each skein has this info on the label.


This yarn is on the finer end of 4ply, and you'll want to be mindful of that when choosing a Woolly Wormhead pattern. This is 100g/400m of Superwash Bluefaced Leicester and would be perfect for something like Dancette, though you may want to knit the next size up to get a good fit as a workaround for the smaller gauge.

Arkanoid or Bedragonned would be good choices, or the sideways constructed Arbacia or the ever popular Rubbish Mojitos. Out of the Darkness will be close in gauge or of course Gallone, which will allow the repeats in the colours to shine.

Have a wander through my 4ply patterns, have a check gauge, and see what takes your fancy.

Then leave a comment here with your Ravelry name, your choice of pattern and why, and don't forget to fill in the email field in the comments section so I can get in touch if you win.

I'll leave this draw open until midnight saturday 27th August (GMT) with the aim of getting it in the post the following monday - we're off on more travels at the end of the month and I'd like to get it in the post before we leave, so do keep an eye out for an email on sunday!

Good luck folks!

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It's been a little while since I mentioned the new collection here, but it's almost done. 2nd round of edits are all in, so with the exception of one last tutorial and the final round of edits, it's good to go.

Except for the photo editing. This has been held up by a) the trapped never in my neck and the multiple RSI's in my right arm and b) photo editing.

Discovering that my favourite RAW editor didn't support my new camera threw me off a bit last year when I bought it, but I've been able to get by with editing JPEGs in Gimp. But not so with this new collection.... shooting against a black background has been a huge learning experience, from building a giant light tent on the plot to using my zoom lens with a wide depth of field (which takes me further out of my comfort zone than I can express). The photo editing isn't a big job on this per se, as the photos are sharp and uncontaminated; the main issue was the constantly changing light and fast moving kids. And because of this, the main concern is in matching skin tones and yarn colours and blacks for the background, all of which I'd always do in RAW. Learning a whole new software, a heavy front end and extremely powerful software, all whilst trying to limit time at the computer is bound to make this part.... longer than it needs to be.

BUT! I'm almost done with the RAW editing! And while I plug away (slowly, just a few hours per day) with the editing, care to share your opinions on the cover shot? These aren't the final edits, but I think these are the final 2 shots.


Tongues or metal roses? And do tell me why!

There is the back cover too, so neither shot will be wasted and I think they play pretty nicely together. But I can't decided.... Twitter and Instagram are pretty unanimous at the time of posting... care to share your thoughts?

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I'm photo editing for a new design!

I'm getting the hang of DarkTable now and I LIKE it. Diving into light settings and depth of field I'm more familiar with (subject matter too, of course) has really helped me get over a mental hurdle with it, and now it feels full of potential instead of overwhelming. Which is quite the result when you bear in mind how much I hate photo-editing!

eta/ I'm trying out a new bit of code (via IFFFT) that allows me to post some of the photos I share on my Instagram feed directly to my blog, and this was the first try of it... and it went a bit wonky! But - I know now what needs to be done, and hopefully it'll all make sense. I thought it'd be a good idea to share some IG photos here for folks that can't/don't follow along there? I'd also like to find ways to post to this blog without being sat at my laptop or other computer (trapped nerve is being especially difficult this week) whilst SquareSpace work on fixing bugs in their app...


I'm a little late blogging about this week's yarn thanks to the RSI, but I'll leave it open for a couple of extra days, too, to make up for it!


This week's yarn is a glorious skein of Corriedale Sportweight from Old Maiden Aunt Yarns. It's lovely and woolly and is hand-dyed in the subtlest shades of pale blue and lilac. The colourway is called "Cold Sheep" and it is so gentle on the eyes.


AS it's a sportsweight yarn you'll want to be mindful of gauge when looking for Woolly Wormhead patterns to knit it with. First thoughts would be something like Corella or Half Theory - both of these would look stunning in this colourway, and the stitch definition would be fantastic for cables and lace. It would be perfectly suited to Bellefleur too, or perhaps Encircle. Alternato or North Lyme are great suggestions if you prefer something a little slouchy, and again you'll have that wonderful woolly stitch definition.


Isn't that colour wonderful?

As with previous weeks, leave a comment below with your Ravelry name, your choice of pattern and why, and don't forget to fill in the relevant email field so I can get in touch. I'll leave this draw open until wednesday 10th August, and I'll select a name using the random number generator thursday morning.

Good luck!

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I've never really been comfortable with the idea of donations. Don't get me wrong, I do donate to charity and open source projects when I can, as well as the odd kickstarter to support friends and interesting projects, when I can afford to. But receiving donations is a whole other thing. I'd add the button when folk request it, but then end up taking it down again... and it's hard to explain exactly why, but suffice to say I'm a proud working class girl?

That said, I appreciate that folk want to support me, us. I really do. Usually I'd say "buy a pattern or eBook!" or if that fails 'cos you've bought them all already "buy a pattern or an eBook for a friend!" (seriously, you are bloomin' amazing). And sometimes I know folk just want to give something, and I think I've found a way to let you do that that sits well with me, too.

tip jar

On the free content pages (free patterns, tutorials) you'll find something that looks like this:

It's discreet, simple and hopefully inoffensive and totally not in your face when you click through to one of those pages. I think it'd be better in the sidebar on those pages rather than where it is right now, but SquareSpace haven't made that easy in SS6/7 (it was an option in SS5 and is a commonly requested feature) and my coding isn't up to working it out backend today, so it is where it is for now.

This feel like such a big step! We'll see how I get on with it...

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