About Woolly Wormhead

Hats are, to me, the perfect playground for all of my passion and drive as a fibre artist. From a young age I have loved exploring textiles and the way they are formed. By the age of 10 I was starting to experiment with hand-dyeing, machine sewing, and designing and making my own clothes. By my 20s I was creating original Fair Isle and Intarsia hand-knits, using my own hand-dyed yarn.

My Hat journey is the result of a lifelong quest to further my knowledge base, be it through electronic engineering, Textiles degrees, pattern cutting or whatever specialised skill I have been drawn to in order to further my exploration of the 3D form. A tactile process person that needs to build and touch, I have constantly developed my personal knowledge; the result is a pattern range that reflects my constantly developing skill set. I will spend hours solving problems, working through a process that leads me down many paths until finally, I have a pattern, or perhaps several that I want to share with people. Increasingly, I feel as if my patterns are sharing my learning adventure.

My process is informed by the specific skills that I’ve built over the years: a Fine Art Textiles degree with a specialism in sculpture pushes the designs and the 3D aspect; the engineering side pushes the maths, while the construction elements of my learning and background in education pushes the pattern writing. An Industrial Textiles degree has fuelled my love of fabric drape and built on my understanding of fibre which informs my yarn choices when selecting materials with which to create. The pattern cutting helps me understand garment construction in a way that means I can break a 3D object down into sections and really fine tune want I want to achieve.

There is also a deep desire to share knitting knowledge, to teach and develop a skill that is practical and clothes us, keeping us warm. By also teaching workshops I hope to inspire others to feel passionate about the way they create textiles, the way they wear them and the way we, as a society, regard our wardrobes. This commitment to the things we wear, how we wear them and the importance of expressing ourselves through the things we make, has led me to live in a unique setting which I often blog about.

By immersing myself in a creative existence, I have been able to develop a skill set that is specialised, highly refined and excellent for making the perfect Hat. These skills mean that I am able to produce patterns that result in more than a high quality end product; I hope that my Hats inspire and teach knitters to push their personal skill set too. I am a Hat architect and I invite you to be too.