frequently asked questions


Please note that this page is provided for help with payment, pattern delivery and pattern PDF files. If you need help with a particular pattern, please visit the pattern support forum.


About payment and purchasing

  1. Am I able to pay with credit card?

    Yes, you can! Paypal permits guest payments with a credit card, although payments with any one card are restricted to prevent fraud. You can also use the debit/credit card attached to your PayPal account.

  2. I don’t have a PayPal account - how do I pay?

    You can make a guest purchase with your debit/credit card, although PayPal do limit these payments to prevent fraud. You can also purchase my patterns on other platforms such as Etsy or LoveKnitting where debit/credit cards are standard payment methods - you can see the full list of places where my patterns are available by clicking here.

  3. Your patterns are in a different currency - why is that?

    My local currency is the Euro, and all of my ePatterns and eBooks on this website are listed in Euros. PayPal will automatically convert the price to your local currency but should you prefer to purchase from a shop where the items are listed in your native currency then you can find them in USD on Ravelry and Etsy, and in GBP on LoveKnitting.

  4. Can I pay in my own currency?

    PayPal automatically makes the currency conversion for you! PayPal do charge a small cross border fee but I pay that, not you. However if you use your card you may be charged additional fees - please check with your bank for details. Please note that due to the exchange rates, the price in your local currency may vary.

  5. I notice that you use the Ravelry cart, do I have to be a member to be able to buy your patterns?
    Not at all! The shopping cart provided by Ravelry is the most practical and cost effective method for this website. If you are not a member there is no need to join, the download link will still be sent to your PayPal email address. If you are a member you will be given the opportunity to sign in when you have completed your purchase, should you wish to add your purchase to your library, but please do make sure you are signed in to Ravelry in another tab/window.

  6. I have a single use coupon code - why won’t it work?

    Please check the details that came with the single use code - most of the time they will be valid on this website only, not Ravelry. This website uses a Ravelry cart but it’s a very different shop to my main Ravelry store, and single use codes are not able to work in both. If you have tried to use the code once but didn’t complete checkout, it’s possible the code has been invalidated, or considered ‘used’. Before contacting me, ensure you are using the correct shop and refresh your browser, clear your cache or try a different device or browser - these actions usually resolve any issues. If these don’t help and you need to get in touch, please include the code so that I can check it for you.


About pattern delivery

  1. I've bought the pattern, paid with PayPal - what happens next

    Immediately after payment, you will be given the option of downloading the patterns with the relevant links. Customers new to this service can miss this, but don't worry! You will also be sent an email confirmation of your order which contains the links for downloading. The download email will be sent to the email address you used to purchase the pattern.

  2. I haven't received the email with the download links.

    If you have not received this email within 30 minutes of purchase, it is likely it has ended up in your bulk, spam or junk folder, so please check these before contacting me. Every customer service enquiry I have received about lost or undelivered patterns results in finding the email in a junk folder! I use an automated service for pattern delivery, so your email will be sent. Downloads can sometimes be blocked by firewalls - this can happen if a customer is purchasing from a works' computer.

    Also, please ensure you have checked the relevant email address - the receipt and download emails are sent to the email address with which you purchased the item, and if you paid through your PayPal account, that will be the primary email address attached to the account.

  3. I have the download links, but it isn't working.

    This will most likely be because your firewall settings on your computer will be blocking access. Invariably this happens on a networked computer ( e.g. work station) where you cannot change the firewall settings easily. However try again downloading from your home computer and the problem should be resolved. If you have had trouble with any download, it is often a good idea to refresh pages & links, or try again after a short time. Occasionally the external hosts' server experiences a short glip, and trying again after a short time normally fixes things.

  4. My download link tells me it has expired - what has happened?

    This means that you are using an old link - my patterns are now sold through the Ravelry cart system, and there is no expiration or limit on the download link. Prior to using Ravelry, the ePatterns and eBooks were delivered from a source that used expiring links. If you would like an up-to-date download link, please forward me a proof of purchase (e.g. PayPal email) and I will gift you a link through the current system.


About opening, storing & using PDFs

  1. I'm interested in your patterns, what formats do they come in?

    All of my patterns come in PDF format only. To be able to read these files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or a similar PDF reading software. Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded free from here.

  2. Why are download links sent, and not the PDF file?

    PDFs are not sent out as email attachments for a number of reasons. Firstly, their size can cause problems with the email downloading. Secondly, many email programs perceive emails with attachments as spam and reroute the email to that folder, or they strip the attachment from the email. Occasionally, the PDF has been corrupted by an email program. With a download link, this is all avoided and allows for safe travel of the pattern file. The download link can be reused should the PDF get lost or damaged.

  3. How do I open/print the file?

    As you follow the download links, you will be asked to either open or save the file. I recommend that you click the 'open file' option. The pattern will then appear on your monitor. From there, click the save option in the 'File' sub-menu and remember where you have saved the pattern so you can find it again! You can also print the pattern directly.

    If you click the 'save file' option, the file is likely to be saved on your desktop or in a download folder if you are not given the option to save to an area of your choice. When you want to open a saved PDF pattern file, just double click on it's icon and it will automatically open with the Adobe software. If the file doesn't open and you receive an error message, you may need to download the Adobe software - follow the link from Q1 above.

  4. I'm having trouble reading/printing the file - what should I do?

    If you can open the file but are having trouble reading it - words and/or images missing or illegible - then you might want to check that you are using the current version of Adobe PDF software. Occasionally the contents of a PDF are 'translated' incorrectly if a software is out of date and not compatible with the the software that wrote the file. If you can open or read the file happily but are having trouble printing then you will need to check your printer settings. Whether it be a lack of ink or the wrong page size, problems with printing are usually local and specific to an individual printer. If you cannot open the file at all then please contact me directly. File corruption is rare but happens occasionally. I can investigate the reason, renew the file then send out a fresh download link to you as necessary.

  5. Is there a way to make the PDF read more like a book on the monitor?

    Yes, there is! If you are using Adobe Acrobat, click on 'View' in the menu bar, and then select 'Page Display'. From there you can opt to read the pages two at a time, which will make the eBook feel more like reading a book.

  6. What is the best way to save the file?

    When you open the file, the ePattern will then appear on your monitor. From there, click the save option in the 'File' sub-menu. You are advised to make a back-up copy of the file, in case of loss or corruption - external hard-drives are a good way to do this.

  7. Can I print as many copies as I like of the pattern?

    You may, provided they are for your own personal use. The same applies to the file itself - save copies if you need to but do not share the file with anyone else. All of the patterns are covered by copyright, and to share the pattern either in file or printed form would be a breach of copyright law.


Other questions

  1. Can I sell the items I make from your patterns?

    In short, yes you can! Please see no.13 on my Terms and Conditions page.

  2. What language are your patterns provided in? Are they only in English?

    All of the ePatterns and eBooks available to purchase on this website are in English. German language versions can be found on Makerist and Ravelry, and Italian language versions can also be found on Ravelry. A few of my free patterns have been translated and those files can be downloaded from that page (scroll to the bottom)

  3. Can I get a Word copy of your patterns?

    No - my eBooks and ePatterns are provided in PDF format only. I don't use Word and it doesn't work on all computer platforms or operating systems. On the same note, I'm afraid I cannot provide custom formats of my patterns.

  4. How can I get a paper copy of your patterns - do you sell them?
    You will only find digital (PDF) versions of my patterns available for sale here - simply purchase the relevant PDF, download and print from any printer. Whilst in the past some of my books and single patterns were available in print, this is no longer the case.

  5. Are there Kindle versions of your books and patterns?
    Not yet - so far there hasn't been enough interest to warrant the time needed to convert them all to specific eBook reader formats, although this may be a viable option in the future. PDFs do work on all eReaders, though I do appreciate that a specific eReader file would provide a better display.