Once upon a time, this pattern of mine was a premium pattern. Designed for sock yarn (Trekking in particular) it's a top-down pattern worked in the round.


A few years ago this pattern was parked and put aside for a side project, along with a few other patterns. Life happened and all that, and these patterns have basically stayed parked, in limbo. I'm not sure whether this side project will or won't be a thing, so I'll leave those patterns as they are.

One day late last year as I was sorting out my hard-drives and the many (many) photos, I stumbled across the original shots for this Hat. Opening them up with me raw editing software that I didn't have at the time, they were quickly edited and upon seeing them in better shape than they had been, I figured it was time to bring this pattern off the back burner.


The Pinwheel Beret then became the free pattern of the month, exclusive to The Woolly Hat Society, where it proved rather popular! And now that that month is up, the pattern is available on the Free Patterns page for one and all.


I'm liking offering free patterns for an exclusive period to The Woolly Hat Society. Not sure I can promise one every month, but it's a nice perk and something to work towards. Given my shoulders as they are, more complex and challenging designs aren't something I can really work on at the moment, whereas simpler designs, especially ones in heavier yarn, are less painful. I'll be working my way through my chunky and bulky stash for the foreseeable, then...

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I'm back from EYF and had an *amazing* time but it's taking even longer than usual to recover. Today is day 3 of mostly sleeping and barely managing to get dressed let alone think.

I have though managed to get into the studio today to upload the Sequential beanie pattern to the website, and you can find it over on the Free Patterns page.


Sequential uses 2 x 50g ball of DK, shown here in the lovely Willow and Lark Ramble DK which you can find over on LoveKnitting. This will also be one of the very few free patterns of mine that will be available elsewhere, as I'm currently uploading it to LK.

The striped pattern features a mirrored Fibonacci sequence which is fun to work through and adds that extra geeky element to an otherwise simple Hat.

And with that, I'm going to sneak back into bed...

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Our wee chap is no longer so wee as he's turned 10 today. 10 years old. Blimey.


We'll be celebrating with pizza tonight and then there's a joint birthday party this coming weekend, as it'll be one of his best friend's birthdays too. They're growing up, and fast.

He still has his love of robots and tech, and there's been a slight indulgence on that front when it comes to gifts! He'll be building and constructing before we know it. I'm mighty chuffed that there's a Raspberry Pi in the mix, too.


And it also means that the Classic Beanie is now available to download directly from the Free Patterns page. The photos for this Hat are a little bit special, as they were shot 5 years ago when Aran was so poorly with acute kidney disease and he's so calm and content in them. It's hard to look back at this time, but it's good to look back and see his strong spirit shining through.

Happy birthday sweet soul. We love you.

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This is the last new release for this month!


Clearly when I designed and knitted these Hats last year I was enjoying the subtlety of simple stitch patterns. The stitch pattern in Shuttered as a super easy to memorise 2-round pattern, and it's framed perfectly by the horizontal chains.


The featured yarn is a merino DK from Live or Dye yarn, based here in Italy. You may remember that I used Lorena's yarn for my Contoura pattern last summer. Well, Shuttered has also been translated into Italian and that version will be available on Ravelry (I've only English patterns on this website at the moment)


There are a bumper 5 patterns included in the pattern, as well as the illustrated tutorials for the techniques used. Round it off with a pompom and we have an instant winner.

Members of The Woolly Hat Society will want to check their inboxes today for details of the new releases and current promotions, as well as the two new free patterns. I did mention that it was a bumper issue this month, yes?

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I've two new premium patterns due to be published this thursday, and there's the first of them: Ponderosa.


This is one of my favourite new designs! I love the subtle and striking stitch pattern, and I'm really pleased with how it works with the yarn within this design. It's simple yet oh so satisfying.


The featured yarn is Delice DK from The Mulberry Dyer and it's a delicious blend of alpaca and silk. The colours within the yarn softly shimmer and it is just beautiful.


There are 4 sizes included within the pattern, covering 17in to 23in heads. The Hat is worked bottom up and in the round. As always, illustrated tutorials are included to help you through the techniques.


I'm also really chuffed with these photos. dark and moody is my default setting yet it's really hard to achieve here, where the natural daylight is so harsh. We're currently planning a sort of mini photographic studio to be built within my new studio (more about that another time) so that we don't have to wait for the narrow window that the light affords us at dusk.


And there we have Ponderosa

Not only does the pattern remind us of pine cones, but ponderosa also means "thoughtful woman" in Italian, and it sums up both the Hat and the mood of the photographs perfectly.

I've one more new release to share tomorrow :)

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