With the workshop sign-ups opening very shortly, I though I'd give you a quick run down of what I'll be teaching? I'm excited to be going back again - it's an incredible well organised event, with so much to do and see (possibly too much?!) and I can't wait to see everyone again.


My classes include An Introduction to Short Row Colourwork (ala Elemental!), An Intoduction to Kitchener Stitch (sensing a theme here?), Advanced Kitchener Stitch (you know you want to) and Hat Design, where we'll design our own custom fit beanie (with or without slouch). This latter class is similar to my Hat Design Masterclass, but as it's only 3hrs instead of 6hrs, we'll focus on specific shapes and structures to ensure everyone achieves a Hat.

And you can find all of my classes on the EYF website!

For the last few years, I've provided professionally printed and edited workshop booklets, so you have something comprehensive to work from and a nice souvenir from the class. I'm a bit shameless showing off about these, so forgive me ;)

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A few months ago Marcin of Martin's Lab Yarns got in touch to ask if I'd be willing to contribute a design to a new book he was curating. It was just at the point where I'd decided to say no to all commissions going forward, but fortunately I had a design already mapped out that suited the yarn, and with a bit of arm twisting I was in.

The collection is called Stillness, and is launching this weekend at Yarndale. Fret not if you can't get there - they ship worldwide and will be catching up on orders after the show.


The Hat is designed for squishy Aran weight yarn, and is perfect for showcasing hand-dyed yarns. Throw in 2 buttons, a bit of sideways knitting and a classic texture and you have yourself a very gratifying Hat.

As I know you'll ask, the rights revert back to me later in December. Martin's Lab are only selling the book in print, so if you'd prefer digital you'll need to wait a little longer. If you like your print books though, especially ones with beautiful photography and layout, you may want to check out the other fab designs (and designers - there's quite the line up!) then place yourself an order.

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I've another new design to talk about today! (it's going to be like this for some time... I promise that life is still going on and I'm getting some rest and sleep)

Parallelo is a design using short row colourwork, and was the very first design I did with the Bloomsbury DK that I used for the Elemental collection.


When the idea of working colourwork sideways hit, and wanting to use short rows to achieve those colour changes, the collection was going to be more minimal and graphic in style. I had the photoshoot planned out, a good 3 or 4 designs mapped out. And then I designed Toph and that all changed.


This Hat was already a written pattern and knitted sample when things changed direction, so here it is. It gives an intro to the techniques used in the Elemental collection, and is a great pattern to start with if you're a little unsure about diving in. It's also a different style - Hat shape wise as well as design wise - so if slouchy organic forms are not for you, Parallelo might be just right.


Parallelo is available as a single pattern from me through my usual outlets, but it's also available through the Yarn Collective where you can buy a kit with the Bloomsbury DK.


Like the Elemental Hats, this one is graded through gauge. There is room to make some adjustment within the plain panels - something I'll talk about more on the forum for anyone interested. It also has a bit of a mix and match feel to it - there are two panels charted, and any combination of them will give you a finished Hat - so you can mix up those stripes or have a solo striped panel amongst the plain ones.


Those other graphic designs I'd planned have been parked, but not for long. I have So Many Ideas for this technique that I can't write them down quick enough! In the meantime though, do have a go at Parallelo, and I'll let you know how the other ideas come along.

(so many Hats, so little time)

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Indeedy! I've been promising the collection will be available during the first week of September, and I can now confirm that Elemental will be published on 4th September (which I believe is Labour Day in the US)

The eBook is now ready, and my next task is getting the print edition ready to go. 

To whet your appetite, here's a look at the back cover! Zabet has again done such a fantastic job of the graphics and it pleases me no end that the layout takes a break from the norm.


As I hope you've now come to expect, there's a whole bunch of tutorials in this book, including the new tutorial for grafting across a colour change (if you handled grafting slipped stitches you'll find this a total doddle).

It's really not long to go now until this special project goes live and I can't wait for you to see it! The response online, especially on Instagram, to these Hats has been overwhelming at times (in a good way) and I'm so hoping the book doesn't disappoint...

If you're a newsletter subscriber then keep an eye on your inbox this monday, and if you're not a subscriber, why not?!

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