Over the last few years I've fallen into a routine of spending the spring knitting and designing pretty much all the things for the coming autumn and winter. It wasn't planned this way, it's happened organically; this time of year is when Hat pattern sales drop to their lowest point and the budget gets tight but it's also the time of year when my inbox is quietest and admin at its lowest. I'm not traveling to teach and I've a solid few months of sitting still ahead.

And this year there seems to be more than ever! 

My shoulder is still frozen but I'm definitely in the thawing stage, meaning I'm getting noticeably more movement back and the pain is quite liveable. I'm needing a break here and there between marathon knitting stints but overall, I'm being daftly productive. I've well over 20 new designs in the studio waiting for photography and a bit of extra attention on the laptop. That's quite some going, huh?


One of the yarns I've really been enjoying is Malabrigo Rasta. I first picked up a skein when I was teaching at the Sheep Shop in March, and I'm really enjoying the change of scale and all the challenges that brings. It's perfect for simple, statement structures and we've a photoshoot next weekend with these Hats and your favourite little girl model. 


These new designs will also be slightly different - I'll be launching a new range of patterns, patterns that are written a little bit differently to my regular patterns, with beginner knitters in mind. I'm wanting to create designs that are still interesting and fun and still have a Wormhead flavour.

This range of patterns will cover a wide range of yarn bases, so fear not, there'll be something for everyone - I'm simply starting here because this is where my inspiration is. Each design will teach specific techniques, and will of course include those all important illustrated tutorials.

They'll be ideal for knit teachers, friends you may want to introduce to knitting or for yourself - you don't *have* to be a new knitter to make them! 

Onwards - another day of knitting awaits. 

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