Yesterday afternoon saw me meeting up with some of my ex work colleagues for a quiet goodbye. I was a tad nervous as I headed up to meet them, but it was all cool. They'd even bought me some leaving presents!

The Design & Technology bunch got me the pampering pack (are they trying to tell me something?) the marble stone egg (useful as a weapon against truck thieves) and the grey felt bag. Me loves that bag! The Art department bought me booze - yey ;) There's a bottle of champers and a classy red wine, which has already been sampled, and very nice it is too.

Special thanks to James, Pat, Jackie, Mark, Francis, Kathy, Lesley, the other James, Jan and Pauline (have I missed anyone?) You've all been a fantastic support, and it's very much appreciated. You probably all know that I'm not the world's best at staying in touch, but if you're reading this you've already found the best way to get hold of me! Now, stop fiddling on the internet and get back to work - you've got kids to teach ;)

Here we have photographic evidence that tidying up has been in process. Have to say, I am rather impressed with myself for doing this. Infact, I'm gradually working through the whole flat - every cupboard and corner is being tackled. It's so refreshing, and actually pretty motivating too. We did start this process earlier in the year but for some reason got side tracked, as you do. So am starting again with a vengeance. I'm just happy to have all my books back and have them there for me to see.

Was gonna blah on about something else, but the sleep is calling me. Another time. Over and out.

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