It feels like forever that I've been battling this particular design, even though it probably only is a week or two.

Even though I know exactly how I want the body to look, have all my measurements and swatches and dimensions, it's just not coming together. The brim just isn't right and how the colours relate to each other is all wrong too. So I'm shelving it, there's no point in pushing something that isn't working.

Right now, I'm struggling to get excited about any new designs; I'll pick up my needles to work something through, try it, and nearly every time I put it back down again. It would seem that my design mojo has gone on a bit of a holiday. 

It feels kinda strange, and a little bit worrying, too.

The last breakdown I had changed the course of my life completely. I was a full time Art and Textiles teacher, and the burn out was so bad that teaching could never be a large part of my job again. I love teaching occasional workshops, and that's how I want to keep it. Things haven't been as bad this time, and having been through it more than once, I could see what was happening and put a few safety nets in place. I know that pushing myself when my mojo is down will only result in me loathing the designing, so it's best to go with the flow, not try and force it.

Enter some spirals.

I can remember telling myself, and telling friends, that I was planning to make some freeform and spiral Hats again once I'd finished Going Straight. That was 4 years ago, at least.

It's wonderful to be playing with these again. I've missed the freedom, muchly. And this one is coming along nicely - can't say yet whether it will have the same magic as previous creations, as it has been a few years and I am a little rusty. But it's oh so good to be playing with yarn again, and not having to document everything I do.

That's not to say that designing Hats, and publishing designs has ceased. On the contrary, the Mystery KAL is all set for November, there's a bunch fresh designs all due for publication soon and there's one or two that are awaiting tech editing and modelling, all set for release over the coming months. Once these are all done, the pressure is off. There'll be no deadlines for a while, no commitments, until I'm well enough. Then, I plan to restructure my business so that I run it, not the other way round, and the new schedule will include some time for me, as well as proper family time.

Or at least, that's the plan.

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I appreciate everyone's concern and support, I do, but I don't want this to get messy, and it is.

I've been in contact with the lady and we've been having friendly emails and dealing with things amicably, which is good. The ball's in my court now yet I don't fancy the 'bad guy' slot so I'm not sure what to do next.

Can I re-iterate that I didn't share any links to the other work because I didn't want to sit here accusing people of copying? My fault, I should have realised that folk would go off to see what I was talking about, it really didn't cross my mind when I posted.

I hate these situations; this is all sitting uncomfortably on my shoulders, and I'm sure the other crafter isn't too happy either.

Of course ideas get recycled and as I said previously, it is possible that this work has been created without ever seeing mine. I know all this, and have tried to be objective. But I can see this getting out of control now and that's not good.

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I was just browsing Flickr, when I spotted some Hats that looked very familiar. Other times when I've spotted Spiral Hats on Flickr I've been credited, or my tutorial has, for the inspiration which is cool. These ones weren't, but no worries. I then noticed that she's selling them on Etsy.

It is entirely possible that she's come up with these without ever having seen my work. I'd hate to accuse someone of copying when they haven't.... it's a horrible and messy thing to do. Heck, I've been living in a bubble for an age, so for all I know the world is full of spiral Hat designs.

On the other hand, Siren, Rapunzel and the others aren't exactly common designs or styles. I'm not the first to freeform crochet, far from it! But these use a particular technique/method and this woman's Hats are identical. Infact, they're just like Jack Frost and Blue Medussa - spikey spirals.

In my tutorial it does say that the items made aren't to be sold. And my spiral Hats didn't exactly go unnoticed when I first started making them.... heck, they even got featured in Make magazine, and it was probably these Hats that got the Wormhead name out there!

So should I do anything, and if I do, what should I do?

Y'see, it's not just a possible copyright issue. In the UK we have automatic design rights too, so if an original piece is designed and someone tries to copy it, they can get in trouble. It's pretty hard to prove an original idea, damn hard infact.... but you'd have thought that these would have fallen into the unique category, no?

Won't blow the whistle and share a link just incase I have got this out of proportion, but I could use some advice here.....

Have I got this out of proportion? Have my hormones got the better of me or should I try to straighten things out with her? Or should I just let it go and get my ego in check?

Am I getting paranoid after reading all the copyright discussions on Ravelry?

Rescue Remedy and a gentle talking to, please....

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MLQ suggested the name Rapuzel for Siren, yet the name seems rather ideal for this lady. I didn't want this one to look too much like Siren.... hence the red. When using lots of different colours together they become a little brown, so the red was used to enhance the colours used in the spirals.

The sections that come down from the back of the neck are shaped to fit round and over the shoulder, to fall down the front. The longer section on the left can also be worn like a scarf, wrapped across the the right shoulder.

Made, as usual, from a mixture of pure wools, alpaca, mohair and so on. Some of the spirals are flat, most made in that kinda organic, freeform way. The main colours in the shapes are pinks and greens, so the red as the outline will make the green stand out more (bit of colour theory there for you ;) This last shot shows the reverse side - which I rather like!

A new year, a new Hat! Have lots of ideas and plans, each one getting more creative.... this could be a year for some quirky creations! Well, even more quirky than usual ;)

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Slightly different this one, as it only uses 2 yarns. The shapes have been on the make for ages....

The main yarn is a 'Chicks With Sticks' Shetland DK that my SP8 spoilee sent me - thank you! Lovely yarn to work with, easy to crochet. All natural, no dyes or chemicals, and spun from the flock at The Hideaway Farm, Marshall, Michigan.

The trimming yarn is the Habu silk that I bought at Ally Pally - there's loads of this yarn left. I kept making the shapes until the Shetland ran out, so it did me proud.

I'm still wondering about adding a few more rounds of crochet around the edge, as it only just fits on a real head. Some folk may not think of these Hats as wearable but I do, and I'd hate this one to fall off if there isn't enough grip ;)

I like her, but not sure how much yet.... She's different, was slightly challenging. Any thoughts?

Silvia and Susoolu - Hats inspired by the workshops? They'll be on their way once I've finished the batch of spinning for a new customer/store (details to follow), finished a pattern for a magazine (to be revealed), finalised a kinda collaborative project (ready shortly) and finished all the dyeing I need to dye for an upcoming craft fair (more later).... Man, Wormhead's busy.

SP - if you're reading, can you get in touch? Hope you're well :)

'M' from Netherlands - I tried sending you an email re your request, but it bounced! Seems I have a defunct email addy?

It's wednesday, right? Good. I've managed a whole day awake today.

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