This is the last new release for this month!


Clearly when I designed and knitted these Hats last year I was enjoying the subtlety of simple stitch patterns. The stitch pattern in Shuttered as a super easy to memorise 2-round pattern, and it's framed perfectly by the horizontal chains.


The featured yarn is a merino DK from Live or Dye yarn, based here in Italy. You may remember that I used Lorena's yarn for my Contoura pattern last summer. Well, Shuttered has also been translated into Italian and that version will be available on Ravelry (I've only English patterns on this website at the moment)


There are a bumper 5 patterns included in the pattern, as well as the illustrated tutorials for the techniques used. Round it off with a pompom and we have an instant winner.

Members of The Woolly Hat Society will want to check their inboxes today for details of the new releases and current promotions, as well as the two new free patterns. I did mention that it was a bumper issue this month, yes?

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I've two new premium patterns due to be published this thursday, and there's the first of them: Ponderosa.


This is one of my favourite new designs! I love the subtle and striking stitch pattern, and I'm really pleased with how it works with the yarn within this design. It's simple yet oh so satisfying.


The featured yarn is Delice DK from The Mulberry Dyer and it's a delicious blend of alpaca and silk. The colours within the yarn softly shimmer and it is just beautiful.


There are 4 sizes included within the pattern, covering 17in to 23in heads. The Hat is worked bottom up and in the round. As always, illustrated tutorials are included to help you through the techniques.


I'm also really chuffed with these photos. dark and moody is my default setting yet it's really hard to achieve here, where the natural daylight is so harsh. We're currently planning a sort of mini photographic studio to be built within my new studio (more about that another time) so that we don't have to wait for the narrow window that the light affords us at dusk.


And there we have Ponderosa

Not only does the pattern remind us of pine cones, but ponderosa also means "thoughtful woman" in Italian, and it sums up both the Hat and the mood of the photographs perfectly.

I've one more new release to share tomorrow :)

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The folks over at LoveKnitting launched a new yarn towards the end of last year, and I was lucky enough to get a sample to try. And I turned those yarn samples into a Hat (because none of you were expecting that).

The yarn is Willow & Lark Ramble, a yummy British Wool DK, that comes in a good range of colours. I'm not working with mill dyed much these days as my heart belongs to hand-dyed, but I did enjoy knitting with this yarn. It's got good bounce and stitch definition.


Sequential is a striped beanie in DK with a difference - the stripes are based on Fibonacci. The sequence is worked and mirrored and I really like the way the pattern plays out.

I don't have a great deal of photos of this one as somehow we didn't quite manage that in the shoot but this one is enough - it shows the pattern. The crown is a simple spiral decrease with a soft line.

This is due to be published free later in March but members of The Woolly Hat Society will find it in the newsletter going out this thursday, 1st march. Go sign up! There's some good stuff coming in this issue.

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It's become a bit of a thing that for Aran's birthday, I publish a new free pattern.

As I was going through my hard-drives recently I found these photos that we took when Aran was ill with chronic kidney disease and I realised that I'd not published this pattern yet! So I've dusted it off and got it ready to go on 13th March.

Members of The Woolly Hat Society get exclusive early access to free patterns, and as the next newsletter is going out this coming thursday (2nd March) you may want to sign up if you haven't already. It's going to be a bumper issue this month!


Can't believe these were 4 years ago - he's grown so much, and is so much better. He'll be 10 this year :s


Gotta love a nicely fitted crown, no?


The Hat comes in 3 sizes and is the sample used about 2/3 of a skein of Malabrigo Merino Worsted.

There's another freebie to come - details tomorrow!

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These tutorials were written for Circled and Elemental, to aid in grafting the Hats. The techniques will have other uses, too, so I'm making them public as free downloads. The best information is by far what's in the books as that's far more comprehensive (and better laid out!) but these are pretty thorough in and of themselves.

Please bear in mind that these are written with specific patterns in mind, namely sideways knit Hats that require a top to bottom graft. I plan to talk about this much more at length in the hopefully not too distant future!

These are all on the Grafting page - images below link there.


This tutorial replaces my original garter grafting tutorial as it's far more thorough and indepth and covers a few more things when grafting a sideways knit Hat with a top to bottom graft.


Although this was written for Azula and Parallelo, the same principles would apply when grafting any kind of colourwork in stocking stitch or garter stitch that's top to bottom.


Grafting slipped stitches comes a two-parter, as there's a fair bit of prep involved (slipped stitches onto a provisional cast-on will do that ;) It's worth the effort though, as just look at those clean lines in the photo below!


Part two of the two-parter - make sure you grab both of them.


There's an awful lot more I want to say about grafting but honestly, my head's not been in the right place for it... for years, even. I have so much material and it's such a waste just sitting there in a few folders on my hard-drive but bringing it all together was going to take some mighty effort.

So I kinda gave myself no choice about it by proposing new workshops and having them sell out at EYF! And now I've basically written a book about it. Except I'm not wanting to publish a book because I don't want that kind of pressure, but I would like to share much of what I've learnt here. Seems that what was causing my head to crash with it was one or two tiny pieces missing in the puzzle and now I have those, my brain is back together and my confidence much healthier. I'd basically got it all worked out anyway, I just hadn't noticed the obvious.

Is it alright with you that some time later in the year I start a Kitchener Diaries blog series? And share all this info in bite-sized chunks?

ps/ my Introduction to Kitchener and Advanced Kitchener classes haven't sold out yet at Woollinn (I believe!) - it's going to be an amazing class, and I'm keen to see you there.

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