We’re on for the pre-release of Lateralis to be available from thursday and everything feels back on track! So many things feel more under control somehow this week, so I’m making the most of it.

The pre-release will work like this:

The cover and an accompanying PDF (explaining the schedule etc) will be available immediately, as will the first single pattern. Then the single patterns will be published once a week until the final collection as the eBook will be available. Everyone who buys the pre-release will receive an update notification via email each time a new single pattern is published, and you can use the link in the email to download the latest instalment. It’s been a while since I put an eBook on pre-release but I think most folk are familiar now with how the system works.

Working this way allows me to start earning, which in turn means I can pay the team promptly. It means you can get your hands on the patterns as soon as they’re ready and start knitting them! And it gives me and the team vital extra time to add the polishing details to the eBook. Should be a win, win, yes?

And so the first hat to be published will be Duality. It’s a very striking Hat with a very simple detail that’s highlighted by the construction.


The stripes are created by short rows, allowing the fabric to remain balanced. As I say, the stripes themselves, beyond being short rows, are simple in and of themselves - it’s the construction and placement of the stripes that makes this Hat so striking.


Because there are a lot less short rows to this Hat, and because the colourwork is easier to manage, Duality is a great introduction to the construction and an ideal first Hat to try. It also gives you a sense about how the yarns and colours work, which should help you make the right yarn choices going forward for the other Hats. Most of the Lateralis Hats have a preference to whether a variegated or semi-solid works as the main yarn, but with this one it doesn’t matter - you can swap them around and see what happens!


The theme behind Lateralis is symmetry, reflection; factors or concepts of two. Unlike other sideways Hats, these consist of two sections, two halves, that are head-shaped and meet at the crown. This in turn means that the Hats can be worn in two distinct ways, and we’ve aimed to show that photographically.


Not all of the Hats are worked as two halves - some are worked entirely as one piece, with the two sections becoming noticeably after turning through the crown, and some are worked as not quite halves to allow for special short row trickery at the crown, yet still result in a Hat of two equal pieces. I suspect the way the construction works may not be apparent until they’re knitted, and I promise they’ll surprise you in the best of ways.


I’ve put time aside today to (slowly) build the individual pattern web pages today, so you get an idea of yardage and yarn weight requirements. They all use DK weight yarn, and these have been kindly sponsored by RiverKnits so do go and check out her yarns! She’ll be at Yarndale this coming weekend where you can grab your yarns in person; failing that she’ll have her full stock up after the weekend. (one day I’ll make it to Yarndale…. maybe next year?)


Talking of yarn, do bear in mind that these are graded by gauge - there’s virtually no room to adjust the pattern for different sizes. A couple of sizes are included in the pattern, but also in the pattern will be notes on exactly how many stitches and rows make up the Hat, so you can adjust the gauge for other sizes. This something we can definitely talk about more in my Ravelry group - we’ll set up a thread for each Hat.

That’s me done here for today! Tomorrow I’ll introduce the 2nd Hat, Undulous.

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It's fair to say that I've too many projects on the go. All in various stages, they're sat there waiting for me to either get my brain in gear, or my body.

One such project is the Absolute Range. I can't remember whether I've talked about it here or not, I know I've mentioned it to quite a few people in person. Anyhows, the point of the project was to create an alternative line of Woolly Wormhead Hats, one that was aimed at absolute beginners.

I worked on quite a few Hats for this, and they sat there waiting for me to have the time to sit and write them in non-knitting pattern speak. What I wanted to do was to write a pattern without the usual knitting pattern code, something that someone who knows nothing about knitting could pick up and make a Hat from. And I wanted to design things a little more interesting than scarfs - get clever with a bit of folding kinda thing.

Now, writing a pattern that is suitable for non-knitters AND that would be suitable for teaching new knitters takes a whole other set of skills to writing a regular knitting pattern. If you ever fancy giving it a try, it's quite a useful exercise to undo your learning and think in terms of someone who knows nothing of which you speak. And it really does require a change in mindset.

I know exactly how I want to write these patterns and what I want to say, but I haven't had the headspace to give them.

And if I'm totally honest, they're not creatively fulfilling.

The whole range would make good business sense, as the knitter that learns with you stays with you, but I've had to admit defeat on this one. Well, more that in my head I've moved on and I'm having loads more fun with more complex construction methods.

So... as most of these are already written in standard pattern writing for basic Hats, I figured I might as well make use of the work I've already done and offer them as free patterns. Free patterns are still there to help beginners who've already got the gist of the pattern code, and they help me as I can reach folks who don't have much spare cash, and they also bring (lots!) of extra traffic to this website. It's win-win all round, really.

The first one is called G-cubed...


New free patterns would usually go to The Woolly Hat Society first for an exclusive period but this one is so basic and pretty much the same as the IG Beanie only in downloadable form, so it's gone straight to the Free Patterns page. Enjoy!


This last week I've knitted another new Hat; sent 4 new patterns to my test knitters and finished writing a handful of free patterns for the coming season. I've closed doors on some projects and frogged a bunch of patterns in progress and reskeined/washed the yarn.

It feels SO good to tidy up this way. I'm not very good at having loose ends, they eat away at my brain and I'd sooner have that brain space to focus on the projects that I'm looking forward to, not back. And all this tidying up is helping to keep me busy, pottering, while I wait for my shoulders to be ready to dive into the thing that I've been working on for what feels like too long. The maths is all done, I just need to be able to knit at a decent rate!

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This week I'm slowly getting caught up with pattern writing, & going through everything that needs to be done so that I can focus on The Big Project. That also means organising my publishing schedule for the coming months!

I'm going slowly, naturally, as some days it's still too painful to knit but I can manage a few hours at the PC. Having become quite detached from my work I'm appreciating the slow build up and the tidying of loose ends.


This pattern is York Slouch, and will be the next free pattern exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society for a limited period before going live on the Free Patterns page. I designed it almost 4 years ago (!) but somehow hadn't got photos I was happy with.

As much as it's a heavier weight yarn and maybe not ideal knitting for those of us heading into the warmer months, it's a great quick knit that is ideal for gifts or charity knitting or simply stocking up on woolly Hats before the cold season kicks in!


After sending out my most recent newsletter, about GDPR, I had a *huge* clean up of my subscriber list. If you didn't confirm the new GDPR consent then you'll need to resubscribe. No worries, as you can sign up again and we'd be happy to welcome you back. If you've never signed up then you might be interested in the perks of being a member, such as access to this pattern a month before anyone else!


The next newsletter is due to go out after I get back from Woollinn at the end of May.

The sample is worked in Noro and will work comfortably an an aran weight yarn of similar gauge. The pattern will be exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society until the end of June.

Techniques wise, it's a little more challenging that many of my Free Patterns - there are short rows on the brim to help shape that bonnet style fit. After that, its garter stitch in the round with a soft gathered finish.

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Once upon a time, this pattern of mine was a premium pattern. Designed for sock yarn (Trekking in particular) it's a top-down pattern worked in the round.


A few years ago this pattern was parked and put aside for a side project, along with a few other patterns. Life happened and all that, and these patterns have basically stayed parked, in limbo. I'm not sure whether this side project will or won't be a thing, so I'll leave those patterns as they are.

One day late last year as I was sorting out my hard-drives and the many (many) photos, I stumbled across the original shots for this Hat. Opening them up with me raw editing software that I didn't have at the time, they were quickly edited and upon seeing them in better shape than they had been, I figured it was time to bring this pattern off the back burner.


The Pinwheel Beret then became the free pattern of the month, exclusive to The Woolly Hat Society, where it proved rather popular! And now that that month is up, the pattern is available on the Free Patterns page for one and all.


I'm liking offering free patterns for an exclusive period to The Woolly Hat Society. Not sure I can promise one every month, but it's a nice perk and something to work towards. Given my shoulders as they are, more complex and challenging designs aren't something I can really work on at the moment, whereas simpler designs, especially ones in heavier yarn, are less painful. I'll be working my way through my chunky and bulky stash for the foreseeable, then...

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I'm back from EYF and had an *amazing* time but it's taking even longer than usual to recover. Today is day 3 of mostly sleeping and barely managing to get dressed let alone think.

I have though managed to get into the studio today to upload the Sequential beanie pattern to the website, and you can find it over on the Free Patterns page.


Sequential uses 2 x 50g ball of DK, shown here in the lovely Willow and Lark Ramble DK which you can find over on LoveKnitting. This will also be one of the very few free patterns of mine that will be available elsewhere, as I'm currently uploading it to LK.

The striped pattern features a mirrored Fibonacci sequence which is fun to work through and adds that extra geeky element to an otherwise simple Hat.

And with that, I'm going to sneak back into bed...

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