This design appears less mosaic as the others in the Convergence collection, but it absolutely uses mosaic knitting techniques. The stripes in the panel work towards a crown shaping that reflects skyscrapers, hence the name.


In every collection there's always one Hat that's harder to shoot than the others - in Elemental it was Opal. And for this collection, 'Convergence', it was this one. The shots are lovely and perhaps not quite as clear of the Hat pattern as others, but it's ok as this pattern doesn't have as much detail as others.

I've just remembered this was shot in the same room as Opal... maybe the room is jinxed?


Because this pattern isn't all over mosaic slipped stitches, it's also the slouchiest of the collection. There is room in the pattern to add or remove repeats of the stitch pattern to adjust the depth, and of course the number of required panels can also be adjusted, just like the others.

Talking of which, the panels are designed to be 2in/5cm wide at the brim if gauge is met so it makes it easier to adjust. 8 panels however gives the smoothest crown for each, so you do also have the option of adjusting gauge if you'd like to keep the number of panels the same.


The adjustment points for each Hat are marked in a similar way to the Inversion Hats… some have a smaller pattern repeat, like this one, that allows finer adjustments in the depth. Others, like Construct, have little wiggle room and would be best adjusted via gauge. There are though at least options for changing sizes which is pretty important.


This collection is due the first week of September. The first folks to hear about it will be members of The Woolly Hat Society and Patreon supporters. Yarn info has been given in another post, follow the categories at the bottom of this post to find it :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead