This is the first design I’m sharing from the new Convergence collection, and it’s one of my favorites.


The photos for 'Little Boxes' are especially pleasing as we managed to get the light to play just right and capture the nested doorways in what is my new favourite derelict building. Doesn't the Hat design shine?

During our photoshoots we visited this location twice, as the first photos were fails and I was determined to feature these fantastic nested doorways in this derelict building with it's crumbling plaster and dark shadowy corners. Second time around we got it right and sure, the photos are a little dark but they're supposed to be.⁠


Anju is our model for this collection and we're really lucky to have been able to work with her. She's an artist and photographer herself and got into the idea of what we were trying to achieve. Double bonus is that she lives locally and is happy to work with us again. Most of my models are transient and end up moving on, which makes for some fascinating stories and photos but it can also make things difficult when we really needed someone yesterday.⁠


Little Boxes features a very pleasing mosaic pattern, and the slipped stitches create an all over effect - there's no break visible in the patterning except at the crown. That means there's a little bit of magic needed as you undo the provisional cast-on but there isn't a complicated graft, I assure you. Just a little bit of graft prep to be mindful of. And yup, there'll be a photo tutorial for that :)⁠


We’re currently working away on the eBook layout and technical editing. The collection is due for publication in the first week of September and as always, the first folks to hear about it will be members of The Woolly Hat Society and Patreon supporters.

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