This design is a little different from the rest as it doesnt feature an all over mosaic pattern but instead features a mosaic motif that is repeated around the Hat within the panels.


Folks may be wondering how it is that it's done, as within mosaic you can't (shouldn't!) slip more than 3sts at a time and well... with this pattern you don't.

The motif is supported in the panel by short rows.


And I gotta say, I was rather chuffed with the engineering of this one :)

Because it is heavily engineered, it needed to be.


There are few external areas to the derelict quarries but we felt this area apt for Hat, given the columns supporting the machinery structures and a plant's want to stretch up to the sunlight. It makes the lighting on Anju different but I like it.


And the name? Think of the way trees grow up towards the sunlight... it is a literal uprising. You may also notice that the names have other meanings, too.

Every name used reflects things that come together. Things that converge at the centre. But they also reflect the troubling times we live in… this wasn’t necessarily a conscious choice, but I am aware of it and am totally OK with it, too. Because not all of the words have negative meaning. Many, if not most, have optimism hidden in there. Actions and hope. Some give pause for thought. And some we are already familiar with.


This collection is due the first week of September. The first folks to hear about it will be members of The Woolly Hat Society and Patreon supporters. Yarn info has been given in another post, follow the categories at the bottom of this post to find it :)

AuthorWoolly Wormhead