Last but not least!


Tom and I sat for ages contemplating this name... it's been on my list forever to design a pattern worthy of this name, which has been quite the challenge as I'm not sure many designs are, but at the same time I felt I wouldn't be me if I didn't push the boat (at some point) in that direction.

Did I ever tell you that my school teachers used to know me as "the rebel without a cause"?


This design consists quite literally of tiny revolutions doing their thing over and over again. They may be somewhat squarer than a more familiar spiral but yet they are lines moving through their own revolutions.


This was the first mosaic design I worked on that didn't have key lines marking the end and beginning the panel. And that meant I had to approach the maths a little differently... lines breaking up the panels on sideways knits provide uber useful tolerance or padding room. Take that away and you have to be much more precise, and even more so when you give yourself gauge and size restrictions (each design works on the same gauge and has exactly the same number of rows at the brim in each panel).

It was worth the effort.


So that’s all 6 designs from the Convergence collection introduced! Follow the categories for this post to see the others, and find yarn info (sorry but I got bored typing out the same thing over and over).

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