This design may look like an all over mosaic pattern but it's more like a motif with the way it sits within the panel.


This design does have you breaking one of the key mosaic knitting rules - at a couple of points you slip 5sts, not 3sts... which for mosaic purists will be very troublesome but I promise there's a good reason for it! And there are ways to manage those long floats, and we’re working on a tutorial for that.


The all over geometric pattern and the way it works towards the centre at the crown reminded me of urban planning and city sprawls. Like a maze of streets and blocks.


We took these photos in the room next to where we shot High Rise and there was one streak of light was just enough provided I stood at the end of it and bounced it back towards Anju! This whole collection has been an experiment in playing with light and we've rather enjoyed it :)


This collection is due the first week of September. The first folks to hear about it will be members of The Woolly Hat Society and Patreon supporters. Yarn info has been given in another post, follow the categories at the bottom of this post to find it :)

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