I may not have been blogging much but I have been designing and knitting. And this little lot will be ready for September!


This is a collection of sideways knit Hats using mosaic colourwork techniques. That means that the mosaic methods - slipped stitches - are worked in conjunction with short rows. I really enjoyed working on them and the results are pretty interesting.


Short rows + mosaic knitting.

Some designs don't look like mosaic knitting; some break the rules of mosaic knitting and some look like they break the rules but don't at all.

This collection has been kindly sponsored by Dragonflyfibers and each Hat uses their Traveller DK. Over the coming weeks I’ll introduce each of the 6 designs and explain a little more about them and their construction.

The name of the collection? ‘Convergence’. It’s been a challenging collection in many ways but not at all in any way to do with the designs themselves. Lots of different things have needed to come together to make this work, and most of those things are behind the scenes kinda stuff. Coupled with the architectural nature of the designs and the strong lines that come together at the crowns, there isn’t a more a suitable name.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead