So it seems I’ve got lots to say but nothing at all, at the same time. Sitting here at this PC is not getting any easier, especially as I’m now withdrawing from the amitriptyline (and yes, I did taper off, over months, but I’ve come to understand that this is the norm for this medication.). The pain is now more noticeable but it’s manageable with the TENS machine and CBD oil is helping with the anxiety and panic attacks. And although I’m now getting more than 3hrs sleep a night I’m not getting the 9hrs or so that I need. But I am coming out the other side, slowly.

All that said, I’ve just ordered something that should make blogging that much easier. I manage so much more of my business on my phone than I ever thought I would, and I finally decided to prioritise that. Like a huge percentage of people I don’t have a phone to make phone calls. I loathe using the phone. And to everyone who says “what do you want a phone for then?” I’ll say it’s my portable camera. My networking device. My eBook reader. My calendar and organiser. My way to interact on social media. It is so, so many things beyond a phone.

Realising this, I figured I should upgrade. So I did.

Previously when I’ve needed a new phone I’ve gone for 2nd-hand most of the time, until recently. My last phone was bought new, as the previous phone decided to play up when I was on a teaching tour and needed a phone sharpish. The previous phone was also bought new, and I only bought that because I was heading off on a photoshoot and my previous phone had died. And each time I’ve bought new I’ve purchased something that hits the budget in the least possible way. Possibly ‘cos they were bought on the quick in emergency situations (where there’s little time to weigh up the specs and benefits) but also because I’ve never valued my phone as an integral part of business, and refused to spend much on one. After all, besides these mentioned purchases I’ve survived forever on 2nd-hand phones.

Now that I’m waged, I don’t see the purchase of a higher end phone as coming directly out of my pocket. Instead of seeing it as competition for food on the table, I can see it as an investment. Which is weird, but also progress. I’ve always tried to buy the best tech I can afford - laptop, PC, camera - but somehow I’d never thought to do the same with my phone. I don’t like to be replacing tech every couple of years; it’s an incredible waste on precious resources, not to mention a waste of money. So where I can, I buy thinking forward and get something that’s future proof. And also on sale! It’s paid off - my laptop is 8 years old and although it’s no longer my primary machine, it’s still a working beast. My camera is almost 4 years old and we’ve no need to replace it any time soon. I can see a pattern over the years, demonstrating how my business has grown, which is reflected through what I could afford to buy. For someone who started with a donated laptop and an old digital point and shoot, that’s been quite the journey.

And so I’m waiting for my new phone to arrive. And I’m ever so excited.

Instead of buying a digital notebook and a new, more powerful tablet and instead of buying a video recorder I’ve bought something that does all of these things in one device. It’ll also let me have a virtual desktop. I’ll be able to use it for power-points or slideshows when I’m teaching. In fact it has so many features that I need and could use to improve how I work that it didn’t take me any time at all to reach my decision.

I’ve bought a Galaxy Note 9 and despite everything I’ve written here, I still yelp a little at the cost. Even with the VAT off. But it’s going to be so worth it.

I’m feeling incredibly grateful and fortunate to be in a position to buy a phone like this outright. As I said, I started with nothing and have slowly moved forward, with careful saving and conscious purchases. So it might have taken 14 years to reach this point, but this point I have reached.

This wasn’t what I came here to say but I’ve blogged and I seem to have released some of the word tangle!

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