Yup, I'm still here and still buried under admin and edits. I keep thinking that I can see the light at the end of the tunnel then it goes and moves...

This year I've accepted very few collaborations and commissions, yet there are some people I can't say no to! Carol feller's new book, Echoes of Heather and Stone, is now live and available and I've a Hat in the collection, named Trittico.

I wrote a little on Carol's blog about the design, it's inspiration and it's construction. Hint: it's knitted sideways with some unusual means to creating a vertical line! And slipped stitches and grafting. I rather enjoyed this piece as I had the chance to indulge my love of symbolism, which doesn't happen too often these days (unless it's going on my skin). And line - I love bringing line into design, it's so effective on a knitted fabric.

Find the blog post here.

Carol and her handy videocam also caught up with me at Woollinn, and I braved the camera to share about the Hat a little.


Follow the links above if you'd like to peruse and purchase the collection - I'm in great company and all together, it's a fabulous collection - I've no doubt you'll love it.

Back to my edits and admin I go, and I do believe this time that I've broken the back of it.

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