The next free pattern going out to #thewoollyhatsociety will be this one, Absolute Slouch.


It's another one of the designs that I'd put together for the Absolute range, which I decided to shelf before it got started. And rather than let these designs go to waste in a folder on my PC, I figured I'd release them as free patterns.

These designs were designed for beginner knitters & whilst they're not as in-depth as absolute beginner patterns possibly need (this was one of the main reasons for shelving the project - this type of pattern writing is pretty time consuming & quite a shift from my usual style) they are still simple enough for confident beginners to try.

This design is worked flat & seemed. It introduces slipped stitches & basic increases & decreases.

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Free patterns are exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society for a month, before being published on the Free Patterns page for all to access (I'm blogging in bed from my phone, and can't add hyperlinks - everything's in the menu above!)


The York Slouch, which went out towards the end of May, is now available for direct download from the Free Patterns page.

AuthorWoolly Wormhead