Once upon a time, this pattern of mine was a premium pattern. Designed for sock yarn (Trekking in particular) it's a top-down pattern worked in the round.


A few years ago this pattern was parked and put aside for a side project, along with a few other patterns. Life happened and all that, and these patterns have basically stayed parked, in limbo. I'm not sure whether this side project will or won't be a thing, so I'll leave those patterns as they are.

One day late last year as I was sorting out my hard-drives and the many (many) photos, I stumbled across the original shots for this Hat. Opening them up with me raw editing software that I didn't have at the time, they were quickly edited and upon seeing them in better shape than they had been, I figured it was time to bring this pattern off the back burner.


The Pinwheel Beret then became the free pattern of the month, exclusive to The Woolly Hat Society, where it proved rather popular! And now that that month is up, the pattern is available on the Free Patterns page for one and all.


I'm liking offering free patterns for an exclusive period to The Woolly Hat Society. Not sure I can promise one every month, but it's a nice perk and something to work towards. Given my shoulders as they are, more complex and challenging designs aren't something I can really work on at the moment, whereas simpler designs, especially ones in heavier yarn, are less painful. I'll be working my way through my chunky and bulky stash for the foreseeable, then...

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