This week I'm slowly getting caught up with pattern writing, & going through everything that needs to be done so that I can focus on The Big Project. That also means organising my publishing schedule for the coming months!

I'm going slowly, naturally, as some days it's still too painful to knit but I can manage a few hours at the PC. Having become quite detached from my work I'm appreciating the slow build up and the tidying of loose ends.


This pattern is York Slouch, and will be the next free pattern exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society for a limited period before going live on the Free Patterns page. I designed it almost 4 years ago (!) but somehow hadn't got photos I was happy with.

As much as it's a heavier weight yarn and maybe not ideal knitting for those of us heading into the warmer months, it's a great quick knit that is ideal for gifts or charity knitting or simply stocking up on woolly Hats before the cold season kicks in!


After sending out my most recent newsletter, about GDPR, I had a *huge* clean up of my subscriber list. If you didn't confirm the new GDPR consent then you'll need to resubscribe. No worries, as you can sign up again and we'd be happy to welcome you back. If you've never signed up then you might be interested in the perks of being a member, such as access to this pattern a month before anyone else!


The next newsletter is due to go out after I get back from Woollinn at the end of May.

The sample is worked in Noro and will work comfortably an an aran weight yarn of similar gauge. The pattern will be exclusive to members of The Woolly Hat Society until the end of June.

Techniques wise, it's a little more challenging that many of my Free Patterns - there are short rows on the brim to help shape that bonnet style fit. After that, its garter stitch in the round with a soft gathered finish.

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