Along with "IF your second shoulder freezes it's very unlikely that it will freeze at the same time" the "the second freeze is never as bad as the first" is also a false anecdote. Or at least, it is in my case.

I lost 90% of movement in my right shoulder in 12 weeks. In my left shoulder - the second freeze - I've lost 95% of movement in 10 weeks. And considering I was diagnosed as hypermobile in my shoulders last November, that's a lot of movement to lose.

A rapid, severe freeze is incredibly painful, made worse by the fact that the first frozen shoulder is still in recovery and isn't anywhere near strong enough to be the dominant arm again. I've not bothered with cortisone shots this time as they were utterly useless with my right shoulder. Honestly, I delayed pain management with my left shoulder as I believed every GP and physio when they said it won't be as bad. And yet here we are. 

Knowing how well acupuncture worked for stopping the spasms and nerve pain in my right shoulder, I'm two sessions into a course for my left. It's no overnight cure, though; it needs time set aside as initially the pain can get worse before it gets better. And it's absolutely doing that, mostly at night. I know it WILL get better but right now, it's unbearable. Tom's at a loss as to how to help me as I scream and cry and fight my way through the night. 

Reluctantly I've also started back on the Amitriptyline. I know pain meds are a life saver for many and this drug worked when I was desperate with my right shoulder. But the side effects are awful, and I've done everything I can to avoid going back on it. CBD oil helped when my left shoulder was in pre-freeze, and it's also worked wonders for my anxiety, but it's not touching this pain... I've got up to 110mg a day and still nothing - and I can't afford to go up anymore. So amitriptyline it is. I'm less than a week into that; give it another week or so and it should be knocking me out at night. 

Getting dressed isn't easy, I often get stuck in clothes and need help. I need help filling the kettle or cutting food - any sudden jolt, no matter how small, can result in a disproportionate amount of pain. Thankfully the spasms are reducing as the acupuncture takes effect but I still only have one partial working arm. What I can't do greatly outweighs what I can do. 

The freeze isn't going to get any worse as there's no movement left to lose. I simply have to bide my time until the pain treatments take full effect and I can start turning things around through physio and get this shoulder back into recovery. 

And so I'm having a forced break from work.  I can manage maybe a couple of rows of knitting a day. Sitting at the PC causes too much pain so I'm trying to do what I can on my phone, but neck and back problems are a complication of frozen shoulder, so I'm not wanting to spend too much time bent over devices, either.

Unless they're urgent, emails are being left answered. I'm paying others to do as much of my work as I can, and I'm grateful that the Elemental collection has been successful enough for me to be able to afford to outsource. But without the ability to execute my ideas on my needles, my work is going nowhere. My brain is more switched on now than it's been in years and the frustration at my body letting me down can probably be felt through the screen.

All queries or requests for help relating to any of my patterns need to go to my Ravelry group. We've worked hard to build a support database and there's a thread for every single pattern. I don't get enough emails to justify paying someone to answer them for me, so this is how I'm managing it. Please PLEASE respect this - it costs me in pain levels to answer each email.

Pain wise and disability wise, I'm probably at the lowest point. The only way from here is up. It has to be. 

AuthorWoolly Wormhead