This is the last new release for this month!


Clearly when I designed and knitted these Hats last year I was enjoying the subtlety of simple stitch patterns. The stitch pattern in Shuttered as a super easy to memorise 2-round pattern, and it's framed perfectly by the horizontal chains.


The featured yarn is a merino DK from Live or Dye yarn, based here in Italy. You may remember that I used Lorena's yarn for my Contoura pattern last summer. Well, Shuttered has also been translated into Italian and that version will be available on Ravelry (I've only English patterns on this website at the moment)


There are a bumper 5 patterns included in the pattern, as well as the illustrated tutorials for the techniques used. Round it off with a pompom and we have an instant winner.

Members of The Woolly Hat Society will want to check their inboxes today for details of the new releases and current promotions, as well as the two new free patterns. I did mention that it was a bumper issue this month, yes?

AuthorWoolly Wormhead